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Help for drafting RTI regarding police misconduct



Member plz help me to make draft of RTi regarding police misconduct. Police help corrupt public servant to hide their corrupt practice on the name of protection or help public servant in the fake case on the name of obstacles in the public work police came with public servant with compliant in their hand on Sunday on that day public servant officially not on duty. That time I asked copy of that complaint from police but they didn't provide me next day I asked that complaint through written application PSI of police station denied and said u can't get it then I filed RTI to public servant office so they replied me we did complete this work with the help of police as per legal provision but another rti from police station I got replied from them that public servant not asked any protection from us and we didn't provide that help or protection to them although I have video recording that clearly showing police present with that public servant but police intentionally denied their presence with nothing on record of their office means they just take complaint for 2 hour without taking any official entry of their register or dairy. Frds plz help me for drafting RTI regarding this police misconduct case


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Prasad GLN

Please understand the limitation of RTI Act and laid down a procedure for issuing a copy of FIR and complaint.

1. Under RTI you can only seek information that form of material facts appearing on record from a public authority and you can not question the quality of their actions.

2. Immediately after a complaint is filed, generally police commence some sort of preliminary investigation and if there is prima facie evidence that there is involvement of crime, then only after questioning the alleged, they formerly register the complaint and issue a copy of FIR.

3.A mere presence in PS as CCTV footage is not enough to establish that complainant visited the PS only for making a complaint 

I can understand the issue, but under RTI if there is a public record on certain incident then only, then citizen can seek that information.  Contact a good local advocate and first draft a complaint and send it to Supdt of Police.  Wait for one month and then seek information on action taken on your complaint under RTI.

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