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Private person's shooting vedio of theTSRTC DRIVER regarding.

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TSRTC provided BSNL sim to all the employees for emergency purpose.

On 27/06/2019 one TSRTC driver was on duty. Normally he got call on his cell phone.

Then he stopped the bus a side and received the call.one private vehicle person's following and shooted a video of driver talking on cell phone and sended to the concerned officer's.

Driver noted the private vehcile number for of his safety.The private vehicle person's has the link with the concerned officer's .

Wantedly from next day 28/06/2019 the concerned officer's put off duty (depot spare)to him till date.

When driver asked the video clip to the concerned officer's they are not providing.

They are wantedly harassing the driver.

Now if we want to complaint to the police or other way What is the procedure and suggestion under RTI ACT - 2005.



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Prasad GLN

First decide as to what you wish to do with that video or information and  contact your union advocate and take guidance from him on the crime committed by Public in shooting a public servant on public duty at a public place ?

Forget minor things as you can not do harm to any public and in this exercise you have to lose more by exposing the driver.  These are common, and many in every day life.

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first find out what is the reason for depot duty

all paper / records which lead to depot duty

find out driver availabity on that depot

are buses plying  as per timetable etc

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Suggestion of Sri GLN Prasad is opt You use your Union leaders to find out as to why you are kept under spare and you must also know that you can not establish link between pvt person who took your video and the Depot officer as it is difficult job

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