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No response from RTI and RTI FAA



Hi Team,

This is about home loan that I have availed from Repco Home Finance, an institution under NHB
I have filed an RTI on 25 May 2019 in RTI online

As Repco Home Finance comes under Repatriates Cooperative Finance and Development Bank Limited, I have requested information under RTI act from them.
And also, because Repco Bank was in RTI online and Repco Home Finance was not in RTI online.
And one more reason for this is that there is no information about RTI in Repco Home Finance website, so I don’t know who to send RTI request to

There was no response in the stipulated 30 days for my RTI request
So, I have filed RTI appeal to FAA from the same organization on 28 June 2019. Till now I didn’t get any reply
The text for my RTI request is as attached in the post.

What should be my future course of action?


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Prasad GLN

Most of the members may not like to open attachments or bother to spare time to offer guidance.  But the post is typical and the attachment shows where members err in filing applications, and the misconception that RTI is the remedy of all evils in the society, and about alternate remedies, the purpose of seeking information vis a vis  how that brings logical conclusion to one's issue, the necessity of atleast reading certain important sections in RTI Act etc.  

1.Seek that information which is really useful to you or to the community at large.

2.Learn the differences in between designated Public Information officer and duties of FAA and their responsibilities.

3.Focus on those points that really helpful and do not make a large application burdening the authorities with that information in no way useful to you and to bring any logical conclusions.

4.Always make RTI as brief as possible and never exceed more than 5 queries maximum, and divide application issue wise.

5.Never use WHY while soliciting your information and state in the beginning Please provide me.

6.You have alternate, fast and inexpensive remedies under CP Act whereas RTI Act can not bring any remedy to your real cause.

7.Always use RTI Process to improve the relations with your financier or specify violations rather than finding fault or seeking explanations in RTI.

8.Though objective of RTI is not stated in the Act, ICS and FAAs do see the purpose of RTI and usefulness of that information to you and decision depends on your application and if you are really aggrieved, then they will certainly be sympathetic in hearing .


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Prasad GLN

There was some misunderstanding.

We should respect ourselves and fight for our rights.

At the same time, we should bring improvement in the systems.

If the financier is at fault, he must be accountable,

Issuing Notice under CP Act is mandatory,

If there is right thinking persons without attitude, the notice may bring change,

Consumer complaint after decision may bring change in the officials and that should be ultimate and they should learn out of the decision, and it helps other public also.

Public authorities are certainly accountable for lapses and they should be given opportunity for correcting themselves and there should never be compromises for personal issues, if larger public interest is indirectly involved.  Exploitation of innocents  should never be tolerated.

All; the best.

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Thanks a lot

I thought that it's just matter of ₹10 and this has been provided by the government to be accountable, so why not file it from the ease of my AC room

And after this, I will not attach any file

And I will be little polite and show some kindness and sympathy


7.Always use RTI Process to improve the relations with your financier or specify violations rather than finding fault or seeking explanations in RTI.

If I will file consumer case against them, the relation will get spoilt that way also

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