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Hello all,

             I have given my LL.B 5th sem. exam and after declaration of result i was not satisfied (GOT ATKT in 1 sub. But my paper was good) with my result so I fill an rti to provide photocopy of my answesheet but they refused by saying that university will only give answercopy by filling their on answer copy request form other then they can't. Also the form should be fill under 1 week declaration of result. 

After this I fill 1st appeal but the result was same. Now what should I have to do, I know you will say that go to 2nd apeal.

But what is more beneficial in my case Complaint under section 18 or 2nd apeal under 19. Actually I have re-exam after 6 months and it takes almost 1 to 2 year disclose of my appeal. So what is best option 

What is best option for me for fast result appeal or complaint



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Prasad GLN

What exactly you require ?

If you require your answer sheets of a particular subject, when there is a prescribed time frame and format of application, as per laid down norms you ought to seek such copies within time frame, as retention period of such records   has to be adhered.

You may file another RTI Application and seek information as follows:

Information solicited:

1)Please provide present status of answer sheets of ..........year...........semester...................subject (Whether they were retained or destroyed))

2.If the answer sheets were destroyed, please provide such copy  of order or record folio that shows  the destruction of such record.

The minimum time for getting appeal hearing is 18 months.

As you are a law student Please read the remedies of complaint under Sec.18 and remedies under second appeal under Sec.19 of RTI Act.  The Act is available in this forum tab and in websites of all public authorities.  If any one wants the only remedy is going for second appeal, as second appeal alone gets the remedy of information, whereas complaint is only for all other remedies except information.

Instead of filing RTI and making such unsuccessful attempts of gone /past, forget and reappear as the exam is within 6 months.


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