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decision in 2nd appeal


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     In one case (2nd appeal)  I had asked regarding the status of the applications given for sub division of land.The SIC gave notice under section 18(3)(a) & (d) for 4 times to the PIO & FAA . Also the SIC asked why a fine of Rs.25000/- under section 20(1)should not be imposed in every notice for their non attendance and not furnishing the information. Inspite of the 4 notices the PIO & the FAA never turned up for the hearing.In one notice prior to the decision date the SIC had informed me (by ordinary post )to appear for the hearing.As I did not appear the SIC dismissed my appeal saying that the appellant had no  interest  in receiving the information as I had not replied to the notice regarding the information received or not  nor appeared  before the SIC. Also no fine was imposed on the PIO. 

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Prasad GLN

Being a regular member, you are aware as to the opinion of several experts that appellants should evince keen interest to bring a logical end to an issue and attendance to personal hearing is most essential to get a favourable decision.  Either you can approach the HC or write a grievance to IC clarifying your stand for reopening the case. as no decision was delivered after personal hearing.

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Sorry to say , no justice is expected from the State/Central Information Commissioners in Second Appeals. Neither no replies by the PIOs  to the Notices issued by the Commission nor compliance of the orders of the Commission..Seldom, the Commission will imposed fines.. 

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Prasad GLN

Irrespective of final outcome and without expectations, appellants as per law has to approach commissions.  If appellants are fortunate, the decisions may be in their favour.  Our Mahaguru many times stated that the chanting of Ram Naam Satya hai started even in 2009 and RTI is on ventilator.  One can expect better decision on  his individual luck.

You might have observed the quantity and quality of queries during last two years in the Forum.

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