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Is this true....regarding Lokpal effectiveness

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Hi all,

It would be good to hear some success stories from the members here regarding their experience with lokpal in dealing with issues..I believe lokpal entertains only issues related to corruption. Is this true?

Just checked the Twitter update from former CIC Sailesh Gandhi. If true, this is disturbing.




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Prasad GLN

You can file RTI Application and seek information as follows:

Information solicited:

1)Please provide me no of complaints received, admitted for further inquiry, rejected due to prima facie evidence, decided on hearing from complainants/authorities since inception month wise upto 30th Nov,2019

2.Please provide total expenditure spent to entire Lokpal office including establishment, salaries, administrative, accommodation, postage etc showing individual details of Head of expenditure.

Please come back with that information so that other members can also learn the efficacy of Lokpal since it's incorporation.

(Once Hon IC (Prev) SG has tweeted it must be true and must have been supported by documentary evidence obtained through RTI.  So instead of rejecting and delaying the process by spending some amount and appointing a nominal team, there was eye wash by Central Government.  There is no personal hearing or seeking clarification from complaint and  Lokpal  reject complaint outright even without stating such reasons.  There should be a rule to provide formal hearing before rejection stating such reasons and if they are not convinced of the reasons, Lokpal may reject.  But Lokpal/Lokaykta are all most powerful and never provide personal hearing and outrightly reject the complaints, which appears as not proper, fair and justified. as principles of natural justice must be followed in every quasi judicial authority)

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