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Up Board Allahabad documents verification

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Dear Concern, 


  I would like to know about my 10th and 12th passing status as it's asking by RPO Ghaziabad at the time of education certificate verification of mine. Would you like to inform me saparatly according to below given details.

1. 10th passed in 1999 roll no. 293873.

2. 12th passed in 2001 roll no.  0126559.






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Prasad GLN

File RTI application prescribed to the the state of the Board. with fees ( that has issued the certificate )and seek laid down procedure

Information solicited:

1.Please provide the copy of laid down procedure for verification of certificate for 10th passed in 1999 with Roll No.293873 appeared from..................................school in......................District.

You may have to file two separate applications as 10th Board and 12th Board may be different in some states. 

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