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Unhappy with SIC attitude.

Shree Vathsan


Shree Vathsan

Yesterday I went to my first hearing at TN SIC for two cases both regarding lakes. I am unhappy with the way in which the IC MuthuRaj treated us. MY case was the last in the causelist. This was not known since TNSIC did not upload the complete causelist on its website. The PIO and the appellant were standing during the entire course of hearing and the IC was comfortably seated. Those chairs were present we were not asked to sit. This again points out to the British Raj mentality of the ICs.


Coming to the RTI the IC simply asked the ME some uncomfortable questions regarding the engineering works. He then spoke some general blah blah regarding lake restoration . When I pointed out the work being done is not proper and the list of encroachments should be given to me, the IC said that he is a practical person and practically encroachments can't be removed.Nothing much can be changed he told. The basic work of IC is to over see the implementation of RTI Act and to order information from PIO but where does his personal likes, dislikes and opinions come into play here? The PIO had not responded to initial RTI and IC ordered the information to be given to me in one week.


However questions that relate to another PA he told me to approach them directly in violation of RTI Act . He started dictating the judgement before giving an opportunity to complete my arguments.

When I reminded him to impose penalty of Rs 25000 he told that's the law but used the opportunity to harass the PIO saying he has the powers to take disciplinary action but did little.


The IC in effect showed himself off as a superior person than the PIO and Apellant, but he dint not satisfy either of them nor his duties as a IC.


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Shree Vathsan

Sir during Second Appeal at SIC on 06.01.20 the IC ordered information to be provided within a week. But still now I havent received the information and a copy of the order. The order is also not yet uploaded on TNSIC website. So should I wait till I receive the order physically or can I go ahead with Non Complaince. 

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Prasad GLN

Give a polite reminder stating that IC has directed PiO to provide information within a week, but there is no trace of response from PIO, and make a gentle reminder to provide the information as expeditiously possible and mark this as copy to SIC .  It is more than enough.   If he is local just request them over phone without writing a letter.

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