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file inspection



I had applied for amalgamation of 38 and 24 sq. mts of plots wherin some land was to be acquired for road widening.The authorities said that 10 sq. mts was to be acquired wherin actually 4 sq. mts was actually needed.On application(enclosed) for information the PIO asked me to visit his office on 18/01/2020 and select what information is needed. Also he wrote that information asked was in the form of question which cannot be given as per RTI Act & other information will be provided after paying the requisite fees. Since my application is regarding the land to be acquired for road widening and this information can only be given after surveying the area . What care I should take while going for inspection of the file or any valuable guidance 


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After visiting the office I could get no information after file inspection nor I have received any information from 18/01/2020. Can I proceed with my 1st appeal  and what can be the last date of filing 1st appeal ( Extremely thankful for giving prompt replies)

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Prasad GLN

Unless members read the PIO response, it is not possible to guide.  You have to submit the appeal within 30 days of completing inspection, as early as possible. It is surprising as to how it is possible that you can not get any information in such an important task.  There is something wrong somewhere.  Please submit first appeal as expeditiously as possible and state Grounds for appeal clearly.

If PIO provided information query wise, then prepare a three column table and explain the reasons as to why you are not satisfied with reply.


Information solicited............................Provided by PIO.......................................Reasons for first appeal.





4 to10


Pray for  personal hearing, and take permission for taking assistance during First appeal hearing in the appeal itself.

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During the hearing the Commissioner (FAA) ordered to provide the required information. The PIO instead attached a extract of Master Plan 2021 pertaining to that area saying that information is provided as requested and the matter is closed. No point wise information was given. Preparing for a second appeal.

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Prasad GLN

Go for addendum to First Appeal after PIO response and tabulate such grounds point wise as to what information was provided, and the query that remains unresponded.

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