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Obtaining documents when tender is in process??

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Respected dear members,

This is with regard to clarification of obtaining documents when procurement of goods tender is in process.


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Prasad GLN

The query and clarification required from this forum regarding RTI is not clear.

A citizen can seek information under RTI from public authorities if the information is not exempted under Sec8 (1) & 9 of RTI Act.

The normal procedure for obtaining documents is only after closing of tenders and after finalizing the name of bidder.

The entire set of documents are normally in closed envelopes .

There are no exemptions for seeking information and it is the responsibility of PIO either to provide information or deny information stating such exemption with justification.

Nothing prevents you in filing application, but do not hope that you can collect such documents under RTI before finalization, and you can proceed further on hearing from PIO of such clause.

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