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unsatisfactory result of complaint for drainage system




In 2017 I had registered a complaint to make drainage system to mp govt portal  because dirty and waste water was flowing directly on the road. After long time they made drainage system  but I was  not satisfied with it because they have not covered drainage and the depth of drainage is only  1- 5 feet. I think they made temporary drainage to hide their mistakes They had closed my complaint without taking any further action

You can read whole complaint in the link http://cmhelpline.mp.gov.in/grievance-status.aspx  complaint No. 3428995

I am doing job outside of my state that’s why I couldn’t pay much attention in this matter I strongly believe that my demand is valid and I should fight for it. Can I seek the information through RTI why they haven’t covered drainage yet . Why the depth of drainage is only 1.5 feet. Is this technically a good scale for any drainage system

Thanks for any help and advice 

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2 hours ago, Prasad GLN said:

There is no scope for questioning the quality of their action or reasons for inaction unless those are reduced as record in writing.

@Prasad GLN Thank you for your fast and valuable response. Please find attached picture. if you see that is open drainage system This type of Drainage system is dangerous for health and human life and can lead to serious diseases.  

It is not just my problem, it is a problem for the whole colony. drainage system made after many efforts but it is also incomplete.

I am aware of this thing, RTI is a way through which we can get useful information to solve problem.I want to know what information can I get by RTI. Can I get any useful information by RTI  that I can get benefit  in this case

Thank you 

drainage A.JPG

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42 minutes ago, Prasad GLN said:

These issues have to be resolved collectively by active group of persons by submitting petitions to elected representatives like councellors, MLA, MPs etc and then following up through media coverage .  The purpose of making this post is not to discourage, but only to remind the poor financial budgets of local authority, and difficulty in handling such a large issue by one or two individual under RTI.

Thank you so much again I am doing my best effort to resolve problem. In any state, nobody is higher then CM and I already filed complaint at cm helpline which has been closed. After this I can not see any way, Do you have any suggestion about this

Please ignore my post if it is not appropriate for this forum.

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23 hours ago, Prasad GLN said:

Under RTI you can seek information on Budget for drainage, reasons for poor maintenance of such systems, Inspection and monitoring by authorities periodicity and controlling measures, officials involved in such maintenance, proposed plan of action to cover open drains..

@Prasad GLN  How to draft effective RTI

I have written something like following points

Information solicited:

1)Please provide budget issued for drainage .

2)Please provide specific reason for poor maintenance of drainage.

3)Please provide specific reasons for not covering drainage 

4)Please provide a proposed plan of action to cover open drains.

address : At  village,

 ward number, colony

 Dist. .. State ...

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Sunil Ahya

1. You can file a RTI application and seek information on the action taken on your complaint. The information so obtained will help you understand as to exactly what action has been taken on your complaint.

Enclose a copy of the complaint filed along with such a RTI application.

Kindly download a draft RTI application from the blog on the following link (kindly adapt this RTI to suit your purpose):



2. You can also file a RTI application with the PIO of the concerned department of Municipal Corporation to seek information on the budget sanctioned for drainage system, a copy of drainage system plans etc.

Just take care to see that all your RTI queries are pointing towards obtaining a copy of a document.

For instance:

Description of Information Required:

A photocopy of the documents in which the following particulars are noted:

1. A copy of drainage plan.

2. A copy of ....

3. A copy of

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