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I want to file a RTI to know information about following promotion issues from one of the PSU, please help me in framing the application:

1) Ranking list of eligible promotees for the cadre of officers in the CY Promotion round

2) The criteria applied for preparing Ranking list for promotion to the cadre of officer

3) The seniority list of employees eligible for  promotion to the cadre of officer

4) Number of employees in the seniority list not considered for promotion due to vigilance issues

5) Number of employees in the seniority list not considered for promotion due to adverse confidential reports

6) Weightage applied for preparing ranking list for promotion to the cadre of officer on these counts Seniority, Merit, Confidential Reports

7) Total Marks received by the candidate at Rank 1 in the list & Total Marks received by the last candidate selected from the ranking list as officer



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Prasad GLN

Please search website and file the application as per prescribed format and come back when PIO denies for due guidance.  From the last seven years you have been a regular member and never came back to seek  further guidance/ for informing status  after seeking guidance.

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Ok Sir, one of my friend had asked me to help prepare RTI application, I was getting confused about framing Application so had asked for help from forum.

I will prepare the application & asked him to file. If PIO refuses I will post the updates.

Sorry for not being active for last few years

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Sunil Ahya

The golden rule for filing RTI is that each and every query of yours should preferably point towards one or the other document.

Typically a RTI application begins with the phrase:

Kindly provide a certified photocopy of the following documents:



3. ....

4 And so on and so forth.

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