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Information denied quoting u/s 2(a) & 2 (h)




Dear Sir,

I have seeked the information of temple trust to the Mamletdar Vasco Goa !

1. The number and names of Mahajans 

2.Procedure followed to enroll the Mahajans,

3.procedure followed to cancel the Mahajans names

4. Procedure followed and need to enroll the new mahajans and members and the eligibility required to be a members !


The Mamletdar PIO has denied the information quoting the subject sections and further said in Appeal No 135/SCIC/2016 between defined u/s 2 (a) and section 2 (h) that devasthan are not public authority under above section!

Your assistance will be highly appreciated,


Thank you,


Damodar Divkar.

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16 hours ago, Prasad GLN said:

Make a complaint to State Information Commission, establish that temple as Public authority stating all such requisites and major contributions by Government.  Get that appeal decision  and study before once again going to IC.


It's I understand is to make complaint before State Information Commission,

Sir, please help me with draft letter to be written to SIC as Complaint has to make the SIC understand that the temple is an public authority and information I have seeked  is an goVt rules and the procedure followed by the temple board to cancel and enrol the members, I have approached to the Mamletdar under RTI act since the existing committee of temple has cancelled our family and my other friends members who were there from long past years, where my grandfather was also an Mahajan in the temple without informing and knowing us nothing!

and now they don't want to enrol us as members when Mahajan of temple my father and grandfather not in life and has passed away .


Thank you 🙏🌷

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Prasad GLN

In that case, RTI is not helpful, it is only through writ mandamus you can demand for your rights.

(Even in Case of world famous Balaji Temple at Tirumala, though the Chairman and commissioners (IAS) are government authorities even after SIC declared them as public authorities there was no such judgment from AP High Court)

For bring any such organisations, the first thing one has to establish is that without government assistance, the organization cease to exist.  For this to file complaint you require Balance sheet or Income and expenditure statement for last three years and disclose as to what is contribution and extent of contribution from Govt. to establish substantial contribution.  Without having such balance sheets and role of govt., it is not possible to frame any complaint.

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