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Closure of Illegal Belt shops in my village

Kandi Aravind Reddy


Kandi Aravind Reddy

Hello Sir,
I’m from Chennaraopet Village and Chennaraopet Mandal, Warangal Rural Dist which belongs to Narsampet Excise Station. There are more than 40 illegal belt & liquor shops in Chennaraopet Village which are selling Cheap and illicit (Kalthi) liquor. Which were aware to local police dept and Gram Panchayat officials. I request your department to take proper legal action against them and make sure no further operations. I personally request many families are effecting by these belt shops 🙏🙏🙏 I had made tweets & complaints on Tollfree whatsapp too on Dec,2019 no one even replied & followed the issue. It became major problem & increase to 40-45 belt shops and over this corona no masks also used at shops & sales over 24*7 

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Prasad GLN

Reddy garu,

This forum is not connected to any Govt, and it is a voluntary forum with members like you and me, and offer guidance depending on our experience and knowledge.

This is your problem, and as a citizen with such awareness you should bring such SOCIAL EVILS to the knowledge of govt.

At the same time, consider the risk involved to you and your family and always do collective work and build up an influential circle that can fight for you, when you are dragged into a problem.

RTI Act empowers a citizen in seeking information from public authorities as a right and unfortunately it can not bring a remedy or solution to the main issue.

Because it is first post, consider RTI As a clinical test that diagnose a disease like Malaria or Dengue or Typhoid.

Just a clinical report can not cure the disease.  You have to administer correct dosages for complete cure suitable to that disease.

RTI brings you entire information which is available in the form of material with Govt., and you can get that information as Evidence and fight it out for logical conclusion.

Now that you have jumped into the fray with very good contribution at a place like Warangal rural where law and order is still a burning problem, now file RTI Application before those authorities with whom you have complained.

Search in our Guide segment and there is a separate format for each and every issue.

RTI is not a Rocket science and with one or two applications you can become master by studying few sections in Telugu.  I am just providing  RTI Application in Telugu for Your ready use.  Use video recording and always file such applications in physical form also to concerned authorities like Excise dept.,

సమాచార హక్కు అధికారి , స్టేట్ఎక్సియిజ్  శాఖ 
స . హ  ఫీ  పది రూపాయలు adhesive  కోర్ట్ ఫీ స్టాంప్ క్రింద అతికించినాను 

ఈ క్రింది సమాచారం నాకు తెలుపగలరు. 
1.......  మండలం  ......... గ్రామములో ఎన్ని బెల్ట్ షాపులున్నాయని తమ వద్ద సమాచారము  వుంది. 
2. అట్టి బెల్టషాప్లను ఎన్ని తమరు 1-1-2020 నించి  మూయించగలిగారు 
3. మిగతా బెల్ట్ షాపులు మూయించడానికి మీ ప్రణాళికలు చెప్పవలసినది. 
4. బెల్ట్ షాపులు గురించి రహస్య సమాచారం ఏ అధికారికి నిర్భయంగా ఇవ్వవచ్చు, వారి పేరు ,  ఆ అధికారి మొబైల్ ఫోన్ నంబర్స్ తెలుపగలరు 

అడ్రస్ :   

Edited by Prasad GLN
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