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About loan issues.

Avinash chitturi


Avinash chitturi

Hi all,

My self Avinash, my mother was about to get the loan as she paid the savings for every month. But my mother personal account which is not a joint account has closed due to no proper maintenance. So the loan is dispersed for other members and my mother didn't get any single rupee. Now the account is reopened, now they were saying that for my mother they are unable to give the loan. Is that the loan amount will be credited in joint account or for their personal accounts? and my mother paid all the savings for every month and why didn't she get the loan amount? If the loan amount get credited in joint account then what is the problem to give the money to my mother? if not the loan amount credited in their personal account and we reopened it and now why it is not get credited to my mother personal account? Is there any possible to share the loan amount which is paid by bank by all the members in the group? now what should we do with this problem?

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Prasad GLN

It is presumed that you are raising issue of Your mother, who is a Self Help Group Member under DWAKRA or for some other programme.  Those who regularly save in the Group Account gets a loan for productive purposes on nominal rate of interest, which has to be repaid in equal monthly installments.   The main idea behind is those who are accustomed to save finds no difficulty in repaying such amounts towards loan.

The concerned officials relevant to your issue is 1.Group Leader 2.DRDA 3.MDO or VRO or Volunteer leader.  Your mother is saving with the group.  The group is eligible for a loan.  The loan should be distributed equally to members of the group.  As group leaders are manipulating, now authorities might have been crediting that amount to individual savings accounts of group members.  As your mother is not having an operative account, that amount sanctioned must be lying somewhere.  Now you have to contact the concerned linkage volunteer, open a fresh account, link to AADHAR and then approach officials for release of loan.

Please contact GROUP LEADER, VOLUNTEER, VRO or DRDA.  If there is no response file a grievance petition before Collector on any  MONDAY

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