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Please make the format and send back to me.

Adil Shah


Please suggestions how to make the RTI format to require further information of all of block level schemes like MGNREGA, 14FC, 15FC, SBM, IAY, BADP, Block Plans , EDUCATION SCHEMES, YOUTH SUPPORTS SCHEMES, in between years January 2011 to June 2020 . Please make the draft accordingly and send me back. 


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You are asking too much without thinking of bringing a logical conclusion of all such information for 10 years in case of 10 schemes from hundred villages.   It is very hard to digest such huge meal.  If you are interested focus on one village, one scheme at block level for one latest year and then go further.  Information is not for information sake.  To establish bonafides, you have to demonstrate the genuine cause, larger public interest.   The information you wish to seek is huge by any standards.

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Thanks response sir,

My point is to seek information from last 3 years to date. With separately all the schemes in a block level for one panchayet Halaq, (Village) 


It would be grateful if you could please provide a simple draft how to write in RTI application. 


Thank you 

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Some states have prescribed a format and depending on your state, if there is no format was prescribed, you may use this simple format. some states prescribed only Rs.5/- fee at Block and no fee at Panchayat.  So search RTI rules and regulations in the website of the block.  Change the scheme in each application.   Get sufficient  xerox of formats  at 1+1 for all schemes in total   and write just scheme name in ink.

Application dt.26th Oct, 2020 seeking information under RTI Act.

Before: State Public Information Officer,......................Block ,..............................

Fee: Adhesive court fee stamp Rs.10/affixed here below.


Subject on which information is sought:   List of beneficiaries village wise under the Scheme..................

For the years 2017-18  2018-19  2019-2020

Information solicited:

1.Please provide the list of beneficiaries as certified copies village wise for the three years.



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I would suggest you seek information about the public authority's website similar to Maharashtra Govt's Aaple Sarkar web-portal.

All such details should be available on such a website maintained by the public authority.

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