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RTI by an advocate

Sundeep Nigam

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Sundeep Nigam

Can advocate seek information under RTI act for his clients.Which section of RTI act prohibit him to file an RTI for his client or PIO to reject his request ?

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Prasad GLN

Advocate is front line citizen fighting for such fundamental rights and is having more than equal rights to seek information as he seeks information in larger public interest. (A citizen must be an individual)

For rejection of information the sections 8 (1) are alone to be stated with justification by PIO

Seek anything and every thing on record that is available in the form of material.

If information is denied come back for sharing grounds for First and second appeals.

Be in the forum and also guide other members also with you legal knowledge and experience.

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Prasad GLN

Please go through response first para second line last words within brackets .  A citizen must be individual.  Avoid stating profession and just state simple name in applicant column.

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Prasad GLN

At any time, in his Individual name without stating profession.

EX: Sundeep Nigam  -/ Proper way.

Incorrect: Sundeep Nigam, Advocate. x 

There is no need for stating a client name or profession.

Another way is to file RTI Application in the name of client himself and giving care of address of advocate.

Filling application of client with his name  address and asking him to post after his signature and  asking him to be in touch with advocate  after one month if reply is not received or the next day from receipt of denial from PIO.  For guiding for further first appeal.

(Sorry, with due respects the HC ruling to me appears not correct, as land mark judgments in RTI are from Advocate Appellant cases- like RK Jain and others at Delhi)

We have very highly respectable member who is authority in RTI - Mr.Varadarajan, Hyderabad  He may also guide you if he comes across your query.   You can send him a PM from this portal.

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