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Is there a time limit by which CPIO has to provide information upon direction from FAA



Thanks to the advice provided by Shri Sunil Ahya regarding appealing CPIO denying me information regarding bank official who played fraud on me, 

The FAA has ruled in my favor.  
Reply of CPIO is beyond the time prescribed by RTI Act and is delayed by more than three moneths after order or directed by appellate authority.
Our view in this regard is that Pendency of litigation is not an exemption under any of the provisions of RTI Act for disclosure of information sought.  However, since the applicant had sought information with reference to name and designation of the official who accepted the cheque for 15% of bid amount/75% of the bid amount, the officials who approved such action.  

The present appeal is disposed of as follows:
XXXXX is directed to provide the factual position to the appellant in the reply of RTI application.

The copy of this order be forwarded to the Applellant and the CPIO.


Considering that the bank has been procrastinating endlessly in providing information, and the FAA ruling does not provide a time limit by which information needs to be provided, I wonder if there is a statutory time limit under the RTI Act or Case Law by which time bank needs to provide the same.  I need this information for a Court hearing in about 10 days.  It has already been over 14 days since the FAA decision and there has been no response from bank till date.  This is the second ruling by the FAA and still I have not received the information.  The FAA has ruled favorably on multiple of my RTI appeals, and in all of them has made mention of the inordinate delay by the bank (over three months).  Is there a time that I need to wait before appealing this delay to the FAA?

Thank you very much for all your help till date.

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Sunil Ahya

I think you can exercise two remedies:

1. Approach the Information Commission through an application with the following title:

Complaint u/s. 18 read with the provisions of section 19:

Index, Synopsis, Grounds and Prayers (pls Google for the formats, also have a look at the guidelines on the following link:

https://cic.gov.in/second-appeal-guidelines#:~:text=The second Appeal duly signed,be related to each other)

2. Simultaneously, also file an online complaint with the RBI banking ombudsman.



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Thank you Sunil Ahya sir.  I will do as advise.  Wanted to be sure about the time the CPIO had after direction by the FAA.  It appears like they have 30 days to provide the information.  Since it will result in their incriminating their own fellow employee, I expect that they would further try every means possible to withhold information.  I will therefore follow your guidance. Thank you very much. 

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Prasad GLN

Never district from main issue.  Focus only on information - If you have received information, ignore other steps.  Those steps are wasteful time consuming expensive exercise and not even one in thousand CPIOs get such penalty imposed on them though their malfafide intentions are apparent to IC.

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Is there a time limit by which CPIO has to provide information upon direction from FAA


There is no such provision in the Right to Information Act
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Thank you RTIRAJENDRAN sir.  Learnt a new thing today! That CPIO have limitless time to implement FAA directions, unless the time is specified by the FAA!  It has been close to 4 months since my original filing under the RTI!  

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