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Erroneous Order issued u/s 18 of RTI Act

Kiran S Kothari


Kiran S Kothari


My name is Kiran S. Kothari from Mumbai.

State Information Commissioner after completing VC hearing on August 2020, advised

that he is keeping his order on reserve. ( Complaint # 124/20/01 )

This was due to the fact that all documentary evidences presented during said hearing were

indicating the PIO / A.O. D Ward / MCGM / Mumbai 7, have lied on record to me in the information 

furnished which was incorrect.

I used to keep checking the Maharashtra State Information Commission's website on status of

the order which was not uploaded till Middle of November 2020.

Filled fresh online RTI asking to furnish status of this order kept in reserve.

All of a sudden in Mid December 2020, order was uploaded on the website of commission and

most shocking was SIC, Shri Sumit Mullick ignored all documentary evidences presented during

VC hearing without even looking at information furnished after issuance of second appeal hearing

and order was signed on 14.08.2020 itself, making mockery of Justice.

Please let me know what shall I do to expose this order which is bad in law and implying SIC have

issued the order in order to safeguard PIO / AO.

Awaiting for most favorable response.


Mr Kiran S Kothari

Mumbai, December 26, 2020










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Prasad GLN

That is the reward for seeking information from RTI from SIC !!!!!

Mere exposing some one is not a remedy as you do not derive any benefit except satisfying your ego.

One can not ignore the enormous influence at the disposal of public authority that is at the disposal of BMC, who violates all rules and takes law into the hands.

Unless there is a mistake apparent apparent on the face of it, IC can  not review it.  No IC admits such mistakes.  The only option is going for a writ before High Court.

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Prasad GLN

I am stating simple example.  An applicant filed different applications issue wise over time on facts as and when such deviations came to his attention.  The first CIC decision was in his favour to CPIO to provide opportunity of inspection.  Inspection was never allowed and as it is a fraud matter it went to CVC and a screening committee allowed the complaint and sent complaint to CVO of that PSU.  CPIO remained silent to all the RTI Applications for one year.  Then to consolidate all of them applicant sought information and sought the list of RTI applications received by CPIO and reply or denial against each application (more than 10).   As usual CPIO remained silent and second appeal hearing was scheduled on 13th Sept. In the first week of Sept Dy.Registrar issued show cause notice for non compliance and as per such directions as reply to show cause notice, the CPIO has provided pages and pages of information, which is not relevant to one query.  IC received such fax on 12th and it was placed for hearing as information on a second appeal not relevant to this fax informatin.  IC even without peeping into the dates of RTI application etc., delivered a decision stating that CPIO has provided information and the second appeal was closed stating that CPIO provided information.  CPIO has produced that decision to CVC and claimed that he has provided the information and got the CVC complaint closed.  The facts were brought to CIC attention.  Even when there is a blunder apparently on the face of the order that information is not about the issue in second appeal hearing, CIC refused to open the appeal further.!!!!

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