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CDR details denied under section 8




Requestesd CDR details of PWD dept, EE , as he is alleged to have looted in sand smuggling and Desilting contracts.Established LPI and solicted the following CDR for landline as well as CUG mobile number of PWD dept

Information Solicited

1.Please provide certified copy of Call Data Report ( CDR) including all incoming calls,outgoing calls and duration for  Mobile No 944xxxx and Landline No 04 -xxx during the period October 1st 2020 to November 27,2020 . CDR is not personal information as  the subscriber is a Government authority, and CDR is not a private data of official in individual capacity and the details are expenditure to Govt that states on transparency and accountability on such expenditure & proper utilization.

2. Please provide certified copy of detailed bill for the period September 1st 2020 to October 31st 2020 for the CUG mobile and landline of PWD

3.If you treat the information on a record of BSNL, on another Government authority s call payment as personal information, please provide such justification with any such reference letter or clarification that states that official communication between two numbers alone amounts to invasion on privacy and personal security is at risk

4.Provide certified copy  of Circular/ guideline/order/notification that state that BSNL call details is a personal record of PWD Officers

5.If you invoke Sec.11 of RTI act 2005 for refusing the above requested information i.e query 1 to 2,please provide certified copy of notice issued to third party and submission made by the third party


PIO denied stating section 8(1) (e) and (j)' as follows. No point wise reply given.





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Prasad GLN

Have you expected when filing such application that BSNL officers rush in to provide the information as it is just a click of a key ?

Go for first appeal stating the same as you are aware of that third party information requisites and already raised the same plea 

Search in our blogs of JP Shah as to what was information under fiduciary capacity as per SC/HC judgments as that issue is no more res integra.

Also file a separate application to Telcom or DOPT asking as to whether Government is treated as a person under law.

I am afraid as to what can be done with call data to prove corruption and at the most one can establish a nexus and not more than that.

Instead of provide some concrete evidence and file complaint to ACB as a whistle blower.

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