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Highest Compensation under Sec 19(8)(b)

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Dear Sir, So far, the maximum amount under section Section 19(8)(b) has been ordered as compensation to the petitioner by the Information Commissions

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Prasad GLN

The Information commissions are not maintaining any record for demand, collection, balance  for penalties . compensation is not being stated  in websites  There is a necessity of uploading such information in website of commissions.

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I know that the Information Commission has given a compensation of Rs 5 lakh to the petitioner but I have no such order. 

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Prasad GLN

There is no such ceiling or minimum, and the compensation is mostly on actual financial loss or suffering that can be established, and it is rarest of the rare case, and expecting compensation from IC is not practical, when not even .001% penalties are never imposed even on deliberate denials.  Those who really suffered can claim compensation and there is no need for precedent cases as facts may differ from case to case and from IC to IC.

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Dipak ishwar


i  posted RTI into MCG Gurugram haryana. more than 120 days timing elapsed but there is no any reply from MCG. please guide me for next step.




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Prasad GLN

It takes just 15mts to understand and practice RTI.  Read Sec.6,7,8,19 & 20.  Always make it a habit to search website of that Public Authority, note down Public Information officer and Appellate Authority details with the prescribed application format and mode of remitting RTI Fee. Read it in your mother tongue for better understanding.

There are three stages in seeking information from public authorities under RTI Act.

First making application seeking information from public information officer of that public authority and to seek such information that must have been available in the form of material and providing details about such reference. Sending the application by Local Speed post or Regd post and tracking the delivery through India post and download the delivery status and keep the same with RTI Application.

Waiting for 30 days from receipt of such RTI Application by PIO + 5 days and then file First Appeal before First Appellate authority before a Senior official designated as Appellate Authority in same organization.  If no information is received after the time frame stated as above, filing First Appeal stating that PIO has not provided information within 30 days and treating the information as deemed denial this first appeal on grounds of deemed denial of information, and praying FAA for directions to PIO for providing information as expeditiously as possible free of cost.

If information is not satisfactory or information is denied making appeal before FAA stating the grounds basing on which information/denial is not satisfactory and praying for directions to PIO for providing information as expeditiously as possible free of cost. Enclosing RTI Application on back of first appeal is ideal.

Then sending First appeal by regd post and tracking the same and keeping screen print to first appeal.

Waiting for 45 days from date of receipt of such FA + 5 days and then filing second appeal before Information Commission and following the same procedure of stating grounds.

Now file first appeal and make a special note below the first appeal and pray for condoning the delay.

Remember, that in the forum for each and every query you have to open a new thread.  Mostly you need not open any new thread and as similar questions were answered in the past you can search in the forum by typing key words.  Just learn and by trial and error you can become expert if you file three or more second appeals and you can guide others.

You CAN ALSO contact our expert in Girgau Shri Harinder Dhigra, who is one of best expert in RTI in your state and our most valued member in case of urgency. He is available over phone, Face book, and running another online helping site.

Edited by Prasad GLN
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