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कार्रवाई  अभी तक लंबित क्यों है  

Rajesh Kumar Rti Acivitor

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महोदय अपील  कंप्लेन तो  रजिस्ट्रेशन संदर्भ संख्या CIC/MORLY/A/2020/113396  के द्वारा  रजिस्टर्ड एडमिन तो कर लिया गया लेकिन कार्रवाई  अभी तक लंबित क्यों है  

Admin _ CitizenShipAppealCompStatusDakFile.pdf

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महोदय अपील  कंप्लेन तो  रजिस्ट्रेशन संदर्भ संख्या CIC/MORLY/A/2020/113396  के द्वारा  रजिस्टर्ड एडमिन तो कर लिया गया लेकिन कार्रवाई  अभी तक लंबित क्यों है  


Admin _ CitizenShipAppealCompStatusDakFile 1.pdf

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Being an RTI Activist, you are supposed to know fundamentals.

A.Your first query in this forum was on receipt of the second appeal by CIC.  You were asked to provide duplicate set as the first set was purportedly missed/wrongly filed during shifting of CIC and CIC has admitted the mistake.  You ought to have submitted the set with a request to give PRIORITY IN HEARING as your second appeal was missing after entry in their records.  You have not stated whether you have made such request.  If not immediately address a separate letter stating the following facts.

1.The second appeal dt..............received by CIC Dok No..............was stated as missing as per CIC letter dt.......  The intimation received from CIC is enclosed.

2.As per directions of CIC, another set was filed which was also registered as No.................on...............

3.CIC ought to have considered the receipt of second appeal date on the first instance and the second set is only copy for that missing at CIC 

3.CIC has given a fresh number due to which there was inordinate delay and it may take another year for getting hearing appeal date.

4.The appellant prays for giving priority of hearing second appeal as expeditiously as possible, treating second appeal received by dock on...........at the first instance as the missing has taken place at CIC and second appeal was submitted afresh in view of the missing file at CIC. 

B.There is no part by CPIO, Supreme Court and Supreme court is not related to RTI second appeal at CIC.  All remedies under RTI should be only as per procedure stated in RTI Act and there is no role to SC-CPIO & FAA. There was no such guidance/suggestion in the forum to you to file such complaint/application to Supreme court.

The Covid lockdowns and restrictions were existing since  Mar, 2020 and continuing till today.  The waiting period for such hearings  was 2 years  upto Jan,2020 and pandemic has dragged the delays for 3 years.

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