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CIC treats first appeal as separate request


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i requested information under rti but pio refused to provide information citing as third party information.some other queries in same application provided very short information like yes /no. aggrieved by not providing of information went for first appeal requested FAA to provide related information additionally sought in rti application.FAA upheld right for information and directed PIO for proving requested information.PIO has given mis-leading information while evading requested information.aggrieved by PIO s reply i wrote email to FAA requesting information.simply my email was forwarded to PIO.no information received for mandatory period.i sent  2nd appeal to CIC.cic says there are two separate RTI applications and appeal has to be filed separately for each.No information is given regarding separate rti applications for which separate appeals has to be filed.fecilitation memo do not contain any references clearly.Kindly help


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For each RTI Application, there should be PIO denial/response, First appeal copy, FAA orders/ response and second appeal while forwarding such attested copies with chronology and index of page numbers in the first page.

Event....................Date..........Page No.

Application      10-10-2020     2

PIO Response  12-11-2-2-     3

First Appeal      15-11-2020    4

FAA orders        15-12-2020    5

Second Appeal  20-12-2020   1 

(Self attested copies)

(It appears to me from CIC response that you have enclosed two RTI Applications with one first appeal and second appeal...For each application, there should be separate second appeal each and should not be clubbed)

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I have sent self attested copies with 2nd appeal (rti application & FA) registry returned the appeal for removing defects as they are not clearly visible for scanning.i again sent those copies afresh by self attesting on fresh date without touching old apoeal bunch.this time its returned for filing separate appeals without explicitly stating which are those separate rti applications.i am confused as its only one rti application i have quoted in second appeal.i called facilitation desk too but without getting any help.i am unable to figure out if they  treated first appeal as separate rti application as i sought related additional information in first appeal to which FAA directed PIO to provide information or they refer simply to additional papers sent atresh self attested? E mail query to fdesk-cic@gov.in didn't work as they are saying its not correct platform for 2nd appeal

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