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cic order not complied saying data not available




CIC (in jan 2021) ordered CPIO to review its own order (of August 2018).

CPIO replied that No record available of the CCTV footage as per "Record Retention Policy", branch officers are required to keep CCTV recording for the period of 90 days only.

I had asked for the same from bank (i work there) in my RTI Application . 

Now what should i do?

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Sunil Ahya

The members need to know certain facts of the case before they can guide you appropriately.

To which period does the requested information pertain and when was the RTI application filed for obtaining that information?

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Sir information relates to August 2018. Rti was filed on 09-08-2018. 

Cpio replied on 07-09-2018,

First appeal date 10-09-2018,

FAO order 15-10-2018

Second appeal date 28-11-2018

Hearing at CIC ON 05 JAN 2021

Cic Ordered  CPIO to review its order.

Now CPIO in its reviewed order said that Record not available.

Brief drsciption of the issue:- my manager shouted on me, i moved 2 steps back. Later in the day he issued my transfer orders and transferred my services to some far away branch. I complained to my bank about this. And asked for cctv footage of that incident through RTI. They did  provided nothing to me. Now CPIO says they have no record available. What shoud i do now?


Kindly guide.

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Prasad GLN

Please take the trouble of searching in blogs on 'Missing records: (JP Shah).  CPIO must state the periodicity for such deletion of data, maintaining of master record if any, the first reply on such CCTV footage, and there should be some malafides in providing such misleading information.   Make a separate complaint submitting grounds as to how the records was destructed, when the issue is still pending and the reasons for not providing such information in the first response or FAA orders.  The details are too inadequate for providing further guidance unless the following information is posted in the query.

Date of Incident:

Date of RTI:

Periodicity of retention of record.

What is the exact query:\

First verbatim reply:

FAA orders:

Submissions during CIC hearing:

Present final reply:

Basing on the above, how complainant treats the CPIO stating missing records.  Missing records is different from deletion of periodic data within the prescribed time limit.

First think whether further fights with employer is going to help you in any way and what can you do even if he provides such false information.

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