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how did i got my orginal certificate documents from private college college demanding 4 years fees and how i didnt pay single rupee and got my certificate 


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how did i got my orginal certificate documents from private college

college demanding 4 years fees and how i didnt pay single rupee and got my certificate 

1. open UGC-Grievance Redressal Portal website create account login by clicking login with mouse dont use enter key.

click on 

2. New Grievance

3. then select state then 

your university name will come ( if your college if affilate to any university then select that university name not your college name because affilate college will force your college to get your certificate.)

4. then nature of grievance select 

with hold or refuse to given any document.........

5. then write your grievance 

metion your college name affilated to college name

(importion thing1. mention your name father name and 

                           2. your university roll number in bold big letter so they can understand it  )

6. then submit after a week if you dont get any response in UGC online then again same thing then watch for a yes/no question like you have eariler lodged the grievance....... click yes then submit again. 

7. 70% to 80 %  you will get responce in website in pdf make it prinout go alone show to principal he can reject your request then. if he did so. 

8. open google maps on your gps. type UGC or  university grants commission go there meet the officer tell them show online pdf you got, they will help you. 

9. then college will call you collect your certificate back.

i did this all then ony i got certificate they phone called me because i complaint on them 2 times and i did this alone. i never took help of parents.

note: this will work when your college or affilated college comes under UGC to find this. go to your college website they would have mention UGC with their college name...

dont ruin your life fight to get it, if you will be scared then

college will forget you they will be bussy making money and you will be regret that you didnt argue with them

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Thank  this FORUM and all those experts that enriched the forum with their contribution which is helping many distressed students.  Please recollect the initial doubts you have expressed and how you have transformed into a guide yourself.   Congratulations, and we want all  members to become experts in the same manner taking your example.

"sir thank you so much. i am feeling good now. letter should be post to my college or HRD/UGC/AICTE. and sir please tell me. if i compaint against college the college chairman is MLA so he must be have many connection, so i am little afraid of them.

sir sorry so asking this. 

 if something good or bad happens i will inform you. "

But at the same time those students remember that still the college can proceed legally for recovery of such lawful dues and they are entitled  as per NCDRC decision .  Students must remember that by abandoning the course in the middle, they are causing loss to the Institution and also  ruined chances of other students who failed to get a seat.  Abandoning a course is not good unless there are financial constraints.  Several Engineering colleges are about to be closed due to accumulated losses.

This recovery is taking us to future as the Government is reiumbursing fees to several students and many of them even availed financial limits with banks, and most of those student loans have now become NPA.  I am not aware as to whether Government is bound to pay the fees to Engineering colleges for rest of the course and whether Govt can demand return of the fees paid for students on the lines of revenue recovery.  I am also not aware as to whether it affects CIBIL rating of the student in future.

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