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RTI for Wife Educatino passing details from SNDT college Churchgate



Hello sir,

I wanted to file RTI at SNDT college churchgate in order to sought information about  ms.xxx my wife

Her date of admittion at BA 1st year & 2nd year, if LC is taken from the college or not.

She had passed BA 1st year in 2014 result of same with roll no. of examination.

she had appeared for BA 2nd year for BA 3rd semister exam Result of same.

What citation we need to attach in order to avoid Third party document exemption here.

Currently I am facing numerous ligation from my wife and as above information is useful in maintenance case. i need it for that.

Thanks Regards,




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Mr.Vijay, first ask your Advocate as to whether all your efforts under RTI do contribute in your favour or not.  You can find from earlier judgments of Sec.498, courts treated all these efforts as harassment by spouse and passed strictures against husband.  (In case of wives, this sort of information of maintenance was treated under Life or Liberty)

Do not ask for specific case and ask for List of successful candidates in BA ........................(Course)..........Of..i?II/III for .Academic year........................

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Sir as per your reply i have made changes and asked of sought information for which University Grants Commission (UGC) have forwarded my Application to CPIO mentioning concern authority name and email address. 

I have mailed to authority for the sought information to be mailed to me on my given email id.

and have received back email reply from authority  

" Desired information is not under the control of this PIO, approach the concerned university or State Information Commission." 

Can't my application be transferred to concerned authority by current CPIO . Do i have to wait for the FAppeal time phase and raise First Appeal Or Shall I raise Complaint 

what next step shall be done here other then above point.

Please suggest

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There is much confusion in the query.  How UGC came into picture ?  What prevents you from seeking information either from University or the college directly ? 

Inform the Name of Public authority who has asked you to go to University or State information Commission.

Go for first appeal to the FAA of the CPIO bringing his attention to Sec. 6  (3) that if the CPIO is not custodian of information, it is his obligation to transfer the application to the actual custodian of information.  Also make in grounds of appeal that CPIO is misleading applicants through giving wrong directions that such information is available with State Information Commission.  If CPIO is that college, then mention in grounds of appeal that aCPIO stating that such information is not available is misleading and false as the college is bound to maintain successful candidate late as mandated by University.

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sir actually SNDT College comes under Women University which was not given in Online portal Authority List hence I used UGC their. I do use Online method so that I can track it properly daily basis and also all the authority list easily get visible their. 

Sir Name of the Public authority is " lokesh.ugc@nic.in" when I had mail it 

But today now showing it as  

Dr. Naresh Kumar Sharma (CPP-I,PU),Email Id:- naresh.ugc@nic.in

Shall i mail him too for sought information, OR shall i raise FA now on ground of Lokesh sir reply received via mail to me.


Sorry sir for messing up and confusion.



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If any public authority is having online website it may be proper to file on line, but if a public authority is not having online admission of application, filing RTI Application through hard copy to custodian is the proper way.  Now you have experienced the problems.

File first appeal to the superior of PIO that has replied, as he must have provided FAA address with his rejection.  If not there is another violation and failure of obligation as PIO is supposed to provide further appeal process.  This becomes another ground for first appeal.

Atleast, this time file first appeal directly to FAA over CPIO through hard copy and send it by Regd. post and also mark the letters to those who sent RTI Application to CPIO (UGC) writing as NB:  CPIO flatly rejected that he is not custodian of information.  Hence redirect RTI Application to custodian correctly atleast this time.  Mark copy to SIC and write as NB: CPIO states that SIC is custodian of the information.  If SIC is custodian of that information as per CPIO either provide the information or admit this as complaint against CPIO for providing incorrect and misleading information to RTI Applicants.  Invariably mark all these copies to CPIO and maintain office copy as this reflects sincerity in implementation of RTI after 15 years of enactment.

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ok sir, thank you very much for resolving the issue step by step.



FAA address is not given to me actually single line mail " Desired information is not under the control of this PIO, approach the concerned university or State Information Commission."  only received to me. Yes i will use it a ground for filling FA. But for First appeal authority address, from where do I get it.

As when I tried to find it using RTI reg detail which i done on Online Portal it popup below msg now.


On checking further info on UGD website i do found 



Is it ok if i send FA on Bahadur shah,xxx address will that work sir.



I have check for SIC(state information commission) of Maharashtra link which i found is below. https://sic.maharashtra.gov.in/Site/Common/contactUS.aspx

I will drop the post to Mumbai Mantralaya address to Shri Sumit Mullick, Chief Information Commissioner, State Information Commission, Sir will it be ok to send POST here. as I can see many SIC address are given here.


sorry sir so many query I have asked these are good experience for me now for handling it proper atleast next time.




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