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Ration card

Narendra chowdary


Narendra chowdary


This is with regards to lodge a complaint against VRO. To get in to the matter, we have a ration card of 4 people( Father- late, Mother, myself and bother), recently i got married and we decided to have a seperate ration card, one is for myslef and my wife and the other one for my Mother and Brother and some how we got seperated on January 1st week and it went for VRO approval, but the VRO has rejected the both applications.

i went to VRO to know the reason of rejections though the reason they gave is adress not found but still want to hear form their mouth as i resides in my village they gave the wrong reason,   i am still going  to grama sachivalayam to know the reason of rejection,  for the first 10 days VRO told that she will check why it is happened and i didnot leave that matter as  i was not leaving, the she sarted blaming DA(Digital assistant), he is the one who operates the system and it is happening for many people. But when i enquired and got the answer that DA cannot reject on his own, DA follows the VRO instructions, she is still blaming, the culprit was the DA as he rejected many applications.

Finally today 21-May-2021, when i asked VRO seriously ,she said i have not submitted the documents, my question is why did she blame the DA for all these days and why she made me to come to the sachivalayam daily, she could have tell me the same reason on the day of rejection then i would be happy and to continue the new application.

Here, the thing is VRO is misleading the common people and putting blame on DA, there is no wrong with the DA as he follows VRO instructions to approve or reject a ration card. i wasted lot of time to come and meet VRO even i went to VRO house to talk on this. What to do with this kind of people like VRO, who can take necessary action on VRO?? 



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lights in dark

sir,  as per your statement  it is a self explanatory  of false information provided  to you  can apply for correct information and if correct information has not provided to you  within 30 days then you can submit  first appeal.

otherwise , you can submit application for change   your retail dealer  with name of members  who want changes  retail dealer.you should mention  reason of change retailer behaviour is not satisfactory .

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Sunil Ahya

You can file a written complaint with the concerned authority. Submit the complaint and obtain an acknowledgment on the same.

Wait for some time say four to eight weeks and then file a RTI application to obtain the action taken report on your complaint.

Please refer to the following link for a sample RTI application for the purpose:



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Prasad GLN

"All is well that ends well".  Now, if you got another ration card, it is fine and feel happy, ignore these usual tactics of VRO, who are reeling under great tension, as they have COVID as priority.  (If the rules are strictly applied many of existing holders are not entitled for such white ration card).  Entering into vexatious correspondence is wastage of time and money without additional benefit.

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