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The SCIC has directed the concerned PIO to file a specific affidavit. The PIO has not complied with directions despite sufficient time. 
what is the remedy to make the PIO comply with the directions and Order? 

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Perseverance is required in RTI, as many PIOs still think that they are parting with their personal treasures while performing statutory obligations.  

There is a good blog by late Sri JP Shah, in which he prepared a powerful and strong worded format quoting decisions of apex courts and SIC.

Further course depends on the value of the information.

You have not stated your efforts with the other Government authorities.

Always post the query and reply by PIO so that may members may try to suggest alternate.

If you have not sent copy of such complaint now enclose the same to FAA with a gentle and polite covering letter about insubordination through non compliance of IC orders, pointing out that when IC directed to file such fact through affidavit, sending a letter to applicant amounts to disobedience and request him to impress the PIO the necessity of complying with IC decision.

Finally, it is writ in High court, that can bring remedy, if that information is important and useful.

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The PIO has not provided any affidavit. Instead he has defied the orders of SCIC and provided statement on plain paper that it is not proper to provide desired information as it concerns another government body although his organisation was doing the actual work and he was the specific engineer who prepared documents.  The SCIC is in no hurry to hear the complaint u/s 18 despite reminder.  I believe even SCIC cannot review his own order and PIO must State whatever he wants only by way of affidavit. 

Does the head of department of government body have any role to enforce compliance? Can the officer continue to be allowed by his office to perform his duties while he continues to defy the SCIC’s Orders? 

please provide valuable guidance. 


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