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Two pio heading in one application



I have replied by SIC,Gujarat on reply of my RTI application which is mark to Talatcum mantri+Mamlatdar and when not reply we applied FAA -SDM,again no reply by FAA ,we send 2nd appeal to SIC. SIC disposed this application without hearing to us & reason of two officer of PIO,one FAA.Can we reapply with concern ONE PIO? or it should be challenge?

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I am afraid that the query is confusing.

The laid down procedure is as follows:

1.Seeking information from Public Information officer with RTI fee.

2.Going for appeal to against PIO to FAA.

3.Making a complaint or second appeal to State Commission.

4.If the PIO fails to comply with SIC decision making non compliance complaint.

Please provide minimum information for further guidance.

To my understanding PIO has not complied with SIC decision and failed to provide the information.  The complaint was disposed without hearing.  There was no compliance by PIO. An appellant can only explain the entire events and file a non compliance of complaint praying for such action against PIO with all such remedies.

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READ ANSWER BY SIC without hearing......

Before Shri Dilip Thaker, State Chief Information Commissioner.
1.  The Appellant, vide his application dated 27­03­2021 has made an appeal in this Commission. It
transpires on perusal of the case papers that this appeal relates to the appellant’s application
dated 16­12­2020 addressed to the Respondent No.1, 2 and 3. Public Information Officers had
not furnished any information to the Appellant.  Being aggrieved The Appellant made his first
appeal to the Respondent No.3 on 20­01­2021.  The Appellate Authority has also not decided the
first appeal in the stipulated time limit.
2.  Having regard to the submission in the Appeal Memo, the Commission is of the opinion that there
was no valid application made by the appellant under the Right to Information Act to any State
Public Information Officer.  Section 6(1) of the Right to Information Act provides that a person,
who desires to obtain any information under the Right to Information Act, shall made a request in
writing or through electronic means in English or Hindi or in the official language of the area in
which application is being made, accompanying such fee as may be prescribed, to the Central PIO
or the State PIO, as the case may be, of the concerned public authority.  In this case, no such
application was made, addressed to one Public Information Officer.  The Appellant made RTI
application addressed to two Public Information Officers and one Appellate Authority. Therefore,
the Commission is of the opinion that the Appellant has not made any valid application for
information to particular Public Information Officer.
3.  Accordingly, this appeal is disallowed.

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Though Appellant has submitted second appeal, it appears that he has not enclosed service proof of Application, first appeal, second appeal copy.   .  The decision is that application was not received from appellant.  Without any doubt the SIC decision is not proper.  When PIO has provided incorrect and deliberately false information that he has not received application, the only option left to PIO and FAA is stating that they have not received application with such fee and considering SIC notice, considering the application either calling applicant for application enabling the SPIO providing the information.  In this case SPIO simply denied of having received the application but not made any attempt to send such memo filed by him to SIC to appellant asking appellant to provide the copy of such application which was not received.  Serving such memo to appellant is also mandatory.

Hearing of appellant is mandatory.  However as there is no response and as Grounds of Appeal as not providing information, SIC has overlooked sending hearing notice and it is not clear as to whether there was hearing or not.  The presumption is that in case of 'no response from PIO" as ground, many SICs are calling for explanation enclosing the appeal and application calling for remarks of PIO.  Depending on such memo 

Now the appellant may enclose such service proofs and copy of RTI application to SIC and making a complaint under Sec.18 stating that SPIO and FAA have  provided incorrect and false submission to SIC that they have not received any information and making same set copy to SPIO and FAA.  Also informing that though it is mandatory to serve such  copy of Memo of explanation submitted to SIC to appellant also, PIO and FAA failed to submit such copy to applicant and not made any attempts to verify facts with appellant disclosing malafide motives.  A prayer has to be made for personal hearing and for directions to SPIO to provide information as expeditiously as possible.

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Why did you file a RTI application addressed to more than one PIO in one single RTI application?

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There are more interesting to learn out of the decision.  The citizen/applicant may not be knowing the exact custodian of the information and made application to two Public Information officers.  It appears from the queriest reply that because application was not made to single PIO, IC dismissed the appeal.

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