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Bokha Srinivas


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Let the experts and all other information seekers from the authorities discuss on the RTI ACT REJECTION CLAUSES.

one by one sections so that the it will be easy to file the FIRST APPEAL and request the authorities the required information.

Most of the PIO/CPIO simple reject the RTI by providing RTI  RJECTIONS sections under RTI ACT

This will not only make the common person who seeks information for the public grievance morale goes down.


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The RTI Act came into force in 2005, lakhs of applications were received by public information officers, more than one lakh decisions were made at Information Commissions, atleast hundred judgments were delivered by High Courts and Supreme court on all exemption clauses 8 (1), and there is a ruling with more quality and reasons in all these decisions.  Against this back ground, after 16 years, even when Government of India Ministries invent some reasons to reject/deny information not stated in RTI Act, citizen can only feel sorry and feel helpless, as FAA also toes in line with his PIOs mostly without application of mind.   The DOPT that is entrusted with the responsibility has ignored their responsibility, when it is their duty to caution PIOs by printing a latest booklet with latest case laws so that stake holders can refer that as reference for supporting their submissions.

It is shameful that when all such exemption claluses are well defined, still several second appeals are being filed before Information Commissions and the fortunate appellants may get opportunity of personal hearing after 3 years after filing second appeal.  Even those IC decisions never impose any penalty and complete hearing process as a ritual without seriously warning PIOs for their poor knowledge and performance.

This forum is an independent forum and runs with mutual guidance by members depending on their experience, and it is the responsibility of DOPT to implement your suggestion.   Please file this grievance in pgrms in portal as grievance to DOPT and wait for their response.

The forum more than a decade back treasured such decisions, judgments and good blogs to help the citizens.  Please take some time and go through the hardwork by our veterans and as an independent forum this contribution is only possible, and if PIOs are not sincere in implementation, there is no use.    It is utter failure of FAAs who ignore grounds of appeal and those submissions by appellants with earlier citations are being not looked into, as FAAs are not having accountability under RTI.

This is the most disheartening to hear such denials without application of mind and once the IC takes serious action on PIOs for unlawful and malafide denial, there can never be such pending second appeals for decades.  

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