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everywhere if any accident take place lose of public life,  like collapse of building or fire in classes or hotel, or restaurant, man role always of the fire department , if they do there duty properly any thinking will happen  and for every business, want  fire noc is very commparcray but they don't visit anywhere  they only visit for there monthly pocket   

special  in south Mumbai every tower builder mange bmc and fire department officer , builder easily capture refuge floor and parking make illegally flates and then sales make money ,fire officer get there share they don't take any action in numbers of hotel not have fire noc in number of classes gym don't have fire noc but they all are doing their businesses fire department work for them they don't work as par law or act    every year innocent public lose there life family   reason mistake of fire department life saver become life taker 




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This is larger public interest and one can not fight individually with BMC.  File simple one sentence query to BMC as follows:

Information solicited:

1.Please inform the procedure being  followed on checking of fire dept NOC for Multi story complexes in jurisdiction and inform whether OC is given only after obtaining NOC and physical verification.

2.Please inform the designated officer that is accountable for the lapse.


File another application to SPIO, Ministry that is looking after Fire dept and seek information as follows:

Information solicited:

1.Please provide me the laid down procedure to ensure that every multi storied complex regularly obtains NOC from Fire dept., before occupation certificate is given considering the larger public interest namely safety of citizens.

2.Please inform the procedure being adopted for making surprise inspection of such measures and in how many cases, the dept found irregularities in safety after completion of the building in.................area.

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Please just click the tab, and avoid creating another post, as the number of posts must be briefs,  as members like to go through that query which is important and in brief.   Only if you come to the same post and inform the status and success, that helps other members on same issue.  In the process of learning, every member continues to be a learner always through personal experience or experience of others.

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