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How to the get the public officer punished for the tampering of Public Records



I have ample and evident proof that VRO has tampered Adagals and 1-B record.

I gave the complaint to RDO.. But he is sleeping on the file.

Even JC are also busy .. Not interested ...

What to DOOOO..... VRO are openly tampering the Public records....

How to get them punished ??

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The competent authority is District Collector.  Make complaints by Regd post, as falsification of public records is a fraud.

Make a complaint against such VRO under Whistle Blower Protection Act, and also refer that it appears to you that some superiors are hand in glove with him and not taking against such tampering of public records complaint.

File a police complaint to Dist. Supdt of Police the same complaint and request for registering complaint and provide the copy of FIR by post.

Make a copy of complaint filed before the Supdt to Anti corruption dept.

(The body of facts stated in a single master document remains the same with same dates, names, survey number, extent but separately addressed to individual official)

Wait for response for 45 days and file Application seeking information under RTI in larger public interest seeking information on action taken on your complaint and present status on action taken with all such office notes


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As you rightly said, Influential people are behind VRO to save him.

I don't wish to reveal my identity as complainant. They may even go to an extent to take my life. 

Tricky situation. 

Please guide.


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