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Dear All

I filed an RTI to a PSU asking 3 documents. But CPIO released only One document. Then I filed an appeal to FAA and FAA ordered to release 2 remaining documents.

But CPIO sent only one document and which is partial.

In this regard, do I need to remind to FAA or to complaint to CIC?


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It is recommended to first write a reminder to PIO and ask him to reply within a week.

Failing to comply the instructions, file 2nd Appeal under 19(3) and also write separate application of complaint U/s 18 to take action against SPIO for deliberate non compliance of FAA orders


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First make a representation to FAA, that CPIO has failed to honour FAA orders and in a tabulated form, using bold and different fonts as to information solicited, Provided by CPIO, Grounds for addendum to first appeal.

Wait for a month and make the same copy, paste version for going for second appeal to CIC>

A complainant is not entitled for information as per Sec.18, hence go for second appeal.

(I presume that the issue is on IOC dealership agreement, if FAA has ordered for providing the copy of DPSL agreement, please inform and attach FAA orders, as it may help other members)

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Thanks for advise.


Here are the 3 documents I asked.

[1] Kindly supply me List showing (a) Consumer No., (b) Date of Booking, [c] Date of Delivery & (d) Bill/Cash Memo number and date, of my consumer number XXX for Domestic use Indane LPG Cylinders booked and delivered by M/s XXX AGENCY, from 1st July 2020 to 1st September 2021

[2] Kindly supply me Certified copy of letter, directions and/or instructions issued to M/s XX AGENCY as a follow up action based on investigation report or feedback on my complaints XXX dated xx 2021 and xxx dated xx 2021 lodged on Indane Online Customer Care Portal.

[3] Kindly supply me List showing (a) Designation, (b) Office address, (c) Contact numbers and (d) E-mail, of all complaint handling officers from first point of contact to the highest-ranking officer of IOCL on hierarchy basis for a consumer residing in XX district of Kerala.

Out of this 3rd was initially provided by CPIO, (that was the one actually I needed, remaining was just for reference/evidence in case of a complaint) Later FAA instructed to release 1 and 2.

But now I received only item 1, which is partial document and also not a certified copy.


@Prasad GLN DPSL agreement was another RTI, since FAA rejected I dropped it.


One more Doubt, is it ok to send addendum/reminder through email since I have all email address?



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