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Please raise these 2 RTI queries our behalf. Our queries are being stonewalled



The information sought is vital to maintain accurate property records (see below for explanation). But our RTIs are going unanswered and awaiting 2nd appeal for months now. This process can drag indefinitely.

So I request you folks to raise the following two RTI queries:
To: PIO, BBMP Malleswaram,
Town Planning/engineering next to vidya mandir school
11 cross, bengaluru-560003

Please provide ward map of 2019 ward Malleswaram
PIO, BBMP Gandhinagar
Dr.TCM Rayan Rd, near city railway station,Bengaluru-560003

Please provide ward map of 2019 ward Gandhinagar
Why is this important?
BBMP keeps changing municipal nos. Each time the municipal number changes the sale deed,
address information become invalid. So to get the old municipal number you need to rely one
BBMP and thats where the problem arises. Let me explain:
Lets say your property was municipal no.25 in 1990 when u bought it. Then BBMP changed it to
47 in 2010 and now 86 in 2020. How do you prove that 86 is the same as 25? You approach
BBMP and they now say 86 was 15 in 1990!
You can see how this problem is amplified in old properties where even the locality names change
and the original owner has passed on. Properties worth crores which were bought in 1900-1940s
are soft targets for poaching given that the maps showing the municipal numbers of that
period are not in public domain and it is entirely BBMP's unsubstantiated 

NOTE:current ward maps are available online but these have two problems:
1.they only have current information and not the past municipal nos and PIDs
2.online information does not come with any guarantee of accuracy and subject to change at any moment.

The benefits of you raising these queries are:
a). we can attempt to speed up the process of bringing the ward map to public view.
b). the more queries that are unanswered the better the grounds for seeking court intervention

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I understand that it is quite frustrating to wait for months on end for the second appeal to be listed for a hearing, but then there is no other way out, so far as seeking information is concerned.

Having said that, RTI can only help you obtain the information and if you already have the same, the way forward would be to approach the higher authorities for any violations of law or alternately approach a court of law for seeking appropriate remedies.

By the way, can you post your exact RTI queries so that the members of forum can share their views on the same?


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@Sunil Ahya I apologize for my delayed response.  I missed your response entirely.

I have posted the query in the post and i repeat it below.

1. Please provide ward map of 2019 ward Malleswaram

2. Please provide ward map of 2019 ward Gandhinagar

It is not just the delay that is an issue.  Many local experts have claimed that we at fault in some way since in their experience queries do get answered speedily.

But two things happen: when the information is of high value:

1. the query is treated differently and not responded to at all.

2.the depts: targets individuals who it decides are being too nosy. 

It is the above points that I hope to mitigate with others asking query. If clearly this important information is being denied to multiple people it is not simple oversight and perhaps some action can  be initiated?

I also think its a good idea to  swap queries especially when ur living in different cities because the threat of being targeted is much lesser. (Just my thought and i could be entirely wrong).

I don't mind raising query of a different city and posting the result here os on some online forum so that someone else can benefit


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There are several influential and most learned RTI Activists in Karnataka.   Please search for those Activists and request them through e mail.   It requires lot of perseverance and persons may not have such attention for getting such information.  (Take for example when moderator has responded, it took one month for you to respond though you have lot of interest in the issue)

Almost all public authorities are taking lenience of RTI Act, and file PIL or go for writ in High court.  The officials are more smart than we assume, by reading a question, who ever asked, they can suspect the person who is in background.

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No response from PIO. We then filed FA, again no response. Now filing 2nd appeal.

But this is a pattern that keeps repeating. Then the 2nd appeal is not posted for hearing for 6 months. 

We have filed around 30 rti in the last 3 years and abandoned many simply because this is unending process. Perhaps 5-6 2nd appeals are pending awaiting hearing date.


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Thank SIC, you are getting Hearing within 6 months, there are several SICs where second appeals are pending for more than 3 years.  PIOs are not responsible for such delays of SIC and it may not appear to assume that if some others file RTI application, the same PIO replies.  There is no other way as the system works in snail's pace 

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