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Payment in installments

Sundeep Nigam


How long a RTI remain active ? An applicant filed 7 RTI  together, he was asked to pay .After 15 days he paid for one of the RTI. Again after 15 days he again paid for other of RTI , For how many days a RTI remain active for payment

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The following is stipulation in RTI Act:

 Sec; 7 (3) Where a decision is taken to provide the information on payment of any further fee representing the cost of providing the information, the Central Public Information Officer or State Public Information Officer, as the case may be, shall send an intimation to the person making the request, giving—

(a) the details of further fees representing the cost of providing the information as determined by him, together with the calculations made to arrive at the amount in accordance with fee prescribed under sub- section (1), requesting him to deposit that fees, and the period intervening between the despatch of the said intimation and payment of fees shall be excluded for the purpose of calculating the period of thirty days referred to in that sub-section;

calculate such days of RTI and if information is provided after 30 days that copying fees of that application can be obtained free.

As they may find some other documents, it may be possible to get the same in installments.

RTI Applicant  should not hesitate to pay copying fees of RS.2/ FOR HIS OWN GOVERNMENT and should think most fortunate if he gets those relevant document for a purpose.

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Can an RTI application pay fee after 3 months or there is any time limit

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There was no stipulations in RTI Act fixing such time frame for payment of RTI fees and there are no precedent CIC decisions to guide.  As the Act is silent, it is proper to demand information after sending fees after 3 months as such demand notice has not stated the time frame in that letter demanding fees..   PIO is bound to provide the information within 30 days from date of RTI application (ticking start from date of receipt of application to sending date of such notice demanding fees + from date of receipt of fees to posting such copies and this should not exceed 30 days.

Absolutely there is no problem in getting information as 3 months in pandemic appears to be reasonable.

Please come back if such fees are returned and if copies are not provided for guidance.

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