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2nd appeal draft for Ground Partial Reply



I never submitted the second appeal I am very poor at it. Can someone help to draft 2nd appeal. Ground Partial reply. I am going to use the below website for 2nd appeal.


Below is my draft of this website. Please add/edit if something is missing.

Grounds for appeal: Incomplete, not relevant, incorrect information (point wise tabulation in Annexure A)

These are following reason for my dissatisfaction-

1) I did not receive the answer to all my questions.

2) PIO did not provide me the certified copy which I asked, FAA at least provided my certified copy of transfer of my complaint.

3) No certified copy of citizen charter.

4) He should collect information from his internal department, but he did not and asking me to file new RTI or follow up that person.

5) There are Government of Maharashtra GR which needs to be followed. So as per that they should officer assigned to follow up and make notings. But PIO did not answer anything in that question.

Prayer: Appellant pray for directions to PIO for providing information and all reliefs under Sec.20, Penalties and recommendation for disciplinary action for negligence in performing statutory obligations.


Please share with me easy sample draft for better understanding.

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While drafting your second appeal, keep one thing in mind: That RTI is not for asking questions and seeking answers to those questions, but RTI is for seeking information particularly in the form of photocopy of documents (please refer to the definition of information given under section 2(f) of the RTI Act). Therefore try and see that all your RTI queries and grounds of second appeal should point towards seeking a certified photocopy of documents from the PIO.

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Have you filed First Appeal and received FAA orders ?

The simple Grounds for Appeal in your case 

Grounds for appeal: Incomplete information as per tabulated statement query wise in Annexure.

Prayer: Appellant pray for directions to provide the information as solicited and not provided shown in column no.3 of Annexure.



information solicited................Provided PIO.................Not provided information/document


Query No.1     ''''''''''''''''''''''                                                                     Not provided information, not provided document , directing applicant to file another application to ..............................................................................................................some other Pio in same authority which is not proper(use that fact relevant to that query)





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