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section 8 (1)(d) and (j) is often used by bankers to hide informations



hi to all members,

i am here to share my experiences related to rti act

presently m presenting second appeal to SIC bhopal

facts are-

my questions for state bank of india were-

1} how many officers posted at branches/offices at indore whose transfer orders have been issued for more than 5 months but they have not yet been relieved/provide their names along with the date of their transfer orders

2} inform the specific dates on which they will be relieved and the reason for each officers who have not been relieved till now

3} if the transfer order of any one{officer} has been cancelled then give the name of such officer and the reason thereof


i was denied information under section 8 (1)(d) and section 8(1)(j)

please suggest me what shud i write in my appeal

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Sunil ji


Please read:


1. http://www.rtiindia.org/forum/6521-commercial-confidence-its-misuse.html#post22083


2. http://www.rtiindia.org/forum/14883-transfers-govt-departments-comes-under-confidential.html




Please use the Search function available in the green band on top of this page and search for "transfer" "transfer under RTI" etc. and you will get many useful threads.




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Welcome to this portal. For transfer there is a decision of CIC as under:

F.No.CIC/AT/A/2007/00858 dated, the 23rd January, 2008. U can get copy on CIC


U should file second appeal with CIC as SBI is central govt public authority. For format and guidance pl visit












Following link for section 8 will be useful to you



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presently m presenting second appeal to SIC bhopal

facts are-

my questions for state bank of india were-


how come you have filed the case with SIC bhopal? you should file it with CIC, new delhi.


i personally feel that before rejecting under 8(1)(j), a hearing should be given to the applicant seeking reasons for filing the application for information. to satisfy himself that "the larger public interest justifies the disclosure of such information" he has to hear the info seeker and only then come to the conclusion that it doesn't serve any larger public interest.

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