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Indians are Expert in Corruption


Tuesday, 09 October 2007 Indians are expert in corruption

Dalip Singh Wasan, Advocate.


We, the people of India can teach the world and all the people who are in power the methods of collecting money beyond our recognized sources of income and concealing all from others. We are known for corruption and for taking bribes from time immemorial. Even Shri Guru Nanak Dev ji the first Guru of the Sikhs had said that during his days even Qazis was taking bribe to give his verdict and when some people raise objections, he was supporting his decision from the guidelines given in Quraan. And during this time since 15th century, we have taken more steps in this direction and now we have reached a stage when we can open a university for teaching the world at large the methods of collecting money. The people in power have discovered, invented, established and they are following the following methods for collecting money and leaving no traces of evidence on the basis of which they could be caught and brought to book:-

(1) If you are on the chair you should delay the work of people who are approaching you and in due course they shall give you money as bribe so that they could save themselves from repeated visits. This is the first method and most of the people in offices have adopted this method and they are collecting money because the people who give money do not have any complaint. They get the work done without repeated visits, wastage of time, wastage of energy and burden on their brain.

(2) Try to raise objections on the case and one should be careful that all the objections should not be raised in the first letter. We should raise objections in piecemeal. This course shall compel the person approaching you to sit with you and come to an agreement and you would be able to have a contract with him and charge money out of the money the person shall save in the deal. The state shall be at a loss and both the parties shall benefit.

(3) If you want that the man approaching you may not approach police or vigilance department, you should take the money which the man has got in his pocket and never ask him to bring money from his house and then hand over the same to you because in due course, he shall be contacting the vigilance and you could be sufferer.

(4) Here in India people give in advance, people fix money and people give money as prizes too. So all these methods are adopted by the people in India and they are doing all this voluntarily without any compulsion from the side of money takers.

(5) If you are purchasing any article on behalf of the state, people selling you shall be asking you for filling the amount in the bill or cash memo and here you can have some money and here in this case the papers are complete and none from the audit side would be able to catch you.

(6) If you are contracting on behalf of the state, you can fix commission with the person to whom contract shall be given and this amount could be upto 30 to 40 per cent. We have been told through news papers that even ministers are also collecting money through these methods and here amounts are on the higher side because the amounts of contracts are on the higher side.

(7) If you feel that some commodity of daily use is in short supply in the country, you can locate some dealer in the international market and can order supply of that commodity and here people in the international market pay huge amounts as commissions and these muddles bring huge amounts which could be collected through hawalas or the like and even arrangement is there when you can deposit these collections in some bank in a foreign country under secret bank account which money shall be available to you and also shall be available for sons and daughters.

(8) If something is surplus in the country, that article could be sent to foreign countries and here too some commissions are charged at international rates and this money too could be transacted through hawala or deposited in foreign banks under fake accounts.

(9) Here people are ready to purchase government jobs, stations of their choice, therefore, one can collect money from these government servants too.

(10) Here jobs are on sale and even promotions are on sale and if need be you can collect money by sale of jobs and promotions.

(11) Here licences, quotas and some other items are on sale and if you are the controller, you can enter this field too and huge amounts could be collected from the customers.

(12) If you are party head then you can sell party tickets and sometime even ministries are sold here. This is an additional source of income.

(13) You can allow or you should understand that the people working under you shall be collecting money through small bribes or through prescribed rates and they shall be giving you the prescribed share and you should allow this system to go on and should not try to stop this system because this system is in vogue since generations and shares are also fixed and this money shall be reaching you as per traditions. The man collecting these funds shall be distributing the money as per prescribed rates and shall be keeping his own share too.

(14) We are already expert in indulging in scams, scandals, muddles, bribes, corruption, sale of jobs, sale of licences, sale of quotas, sale of stations, sale of promotions and even people could collect money from those employees against whom disciplinary proceedings are on and they are expecting a big punishment.

(15) Have contacts and share your collections with the catching agencies so that you could be save during your tenure.

(16) Try to avoid sign any document or maintain any document which could lead you condemnation in a crime.

(17) Try to have co-ordination with all so that they too may help you and share the benefits with you.

(18) Do not raise properties in your own name because you would be facing difficulties when asked from which money had come.

(19) Try to linger on police cases, court cases when you are facing trials and try to ensure that your next term comes when most of the cases could be written off.

(20) Try to avoid to go to jail because jails are meant for small criminals and for the under trials and not for rich and powerful people. They must try to remain outside and if because of bad luck you get jail term or judicial remand, you should make it sure that you are out in some hospital and having all the facilities of normal life.

(21) You should have money and people at your disposal who could help you in time of difficulty.

(22) You should learn the art of telling lie and when caught, you should start saying that you are being victimized because of your being in the opposition groups.

These are some measures which must be adopted for collecting money through scams, scandals, muddles, bribes, corruption, commissions, sale of jobs, sale of quotas, sale of licences or through commission and you must make it sure that the people who are keeping records and files must be helping you and are making due entries at appropriate places. You should keep in mind the following lines:

‘Sachaaye chhupp bhi sakti hai agar aapas main mail ho,

Khushboo aa bhi sakkti hai agar kaghaz main tel ho”



PR-GB.com... News from origin - Article- Indians are Expert in Corruption

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Wonderful connsolidation ! There are many more. Let me add few of them for the time being

23. Always involve your immediate junior and Senior Officers part of your system ' Maintain a diary ' on all of them giving all details of their involvement. This will help the corrupt one to blackmail them when caught.

24. Often some traders/manufactures approach you with their surplus stock which has no demand. Now it is your turn to create a cituation where all concerned ask for procurement of those items. Rest of the things are normal

25.In case of petty office works, associate the Peon or someone else as a contact man and you may maintain your Harichandra Attitude openly. This will save you from getting caught directly.

26. Maintain promptness in senting reports and returns to enable your superior feel your utility for his efficiency.

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In my opinion the RTI application could be very usefull in reducing the corruption or checkmate the corrupt.

The young people of our country especially youth must use this tools extensively and file application with diffrent departments.

For example...

1. File RTI with Ministry of Law on.. OLD laws and what is the status of updating such laws. why it is not updated. What are the new section that will include..Why not all details of ongoing projects not available..


BY THE WAY I learned that most of the department not impliemnted SECTION 4 of the RTI ACT, disclosing information or Manual in their website.. This question must be with all appliations file dto respective department or ministry or instituation.


2. Why not file an RTI on ISI... the famous Beuro of Indian standards.. As in our daily life a number of product we see with ISI, now who actually know whether they have ISI or who inspected and etc.e tccc..


3. The main reason for our country is not progressing those who have who dont have the gap is widening.. WHY?? THE FAMOUS IT department.. We must file RTI with them... Based on GDP/or index or any other points why the tax income of the coutry is not increasing >? Only the service class pays the tax where as the business men from petty small shop owner(who may be earning Lakhs in a day) don't much tax and EVADE tax.. We must get into detaill questions.. Those who got courage must explore questions with IT department.


4. The planning commission... or major fund management of welfare activities in our country.. Why the amount is not reaching to the bottom line.. Why indian need so much welfare scheme ??? Yes we need it only in my opinon Education and health... REst.. well make infrastructure create opportunity for Employment or Business each and every one will earn so the welfare will automatically come..


I know the scope for RTI application is endless if each one of us here focus some of these high spending ministries.. I am sure they will take some seriousness...

Now I found there is lot of change in some of the ministries or department in Delhi.

So guys & girls...File RTI and fight corruption and reduce corruption..



Rejimon CK


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