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Information about fees structure in Private Colleges in Haryana




Hi All,

My brother is pursuing MBA from a Govt. Recognised Private college in Haryana.

His college charges 200-500/- at every 30-40 days without providing receipt.

e.g. Just 10days ago he has paid his college Rs.250/- for party of Diwali.

As there are 1000 students in college, so it’s a big amount they charge, without giving ANY RECEIPT to students. Also students are not sure; whether there will have a party in college.

Charging of these miscellaneous charges is not new thing in ALL private colleges in Haryana.

Being a private college & for sake of future of my brother, I can not directly complain, keeping him in loop. Also, if I complain to Government, as there is no proof or receipt of payment, so it will be hard to proceed.

Can somebody guide me how to bring this unnecessary charging in highlight?

I’m planning to complain this charging to Income Tax department. After some days I’ll file a RTI application asking actions taken on that complain.

Please guide me further, how can I make it more effective.

Thanks to all.



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Even if the college is private, there must be some Government Department (Central or State) which must be "controlling" some aspect of the college's activities. Information about a private college can be sought from "that particular" department.

The following thread will help you:



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You can use the copy of order directing the students to deposit the fees as proof. If a notice to that effect was put up on college notice board you can ask your brother to take a photo of that notice.

Although this may fall outside the ambit of discussions on this site, I suggest that you file a complain under Consumer Protection Act. You are almost sure of getting the decision in your favour. If the college denies taking the fees you can produce some fellow students as witnesses. Under the CP Act you can get full refund of all inappropriate fees paid with interest and compensation for any loss suffered. The college may be fined also.

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