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SIC gets on with the job well

Atul Patankar

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Atul Patankar

As reported at timesofindia.indiatimes.com on 30 May 2009


LUCKNOW: When it comes to disposal of cases State Information Commission (SIC) has done a better job than Central Information Commission (CIC). According to the information provided by SIC, CIC got 10,274 cases in 2007. Out of which it disposed off 6,979 cases.


On the other hand, SIC got 14,565 cases in 2008 and it disposed off 10,285 cases in the year. The percentage of disposal at CIC was 68 whereas for SIC it was 70.61.


The number of cases filed at State Information Commission is going up with each passing year. The cases coming to the commission are mostly complaints that are filed under section 18 of the Right to Information (RTI) Act.


The reason behind the increase in number of complaints is two fold. There is an increase in awareness among people regarding the RTI Act. Secondly, the appeals filed with the appellate authorities of government departments are not getting due hearing and attention. As a result, complainants are approaching the commission.


The commission has released the total number of cases filed up at the commission for three years separately. The commission was set up on March 22, 2006. Maximum number of cases per month, 2,669 have been filed in 2008. But maximum per cent (87%) of cases were disposed off in 2007


Source: SIC gets on with the job well - Lucknow - Cities - The Times of India

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