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Book claims British King ruled India till 1950


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India was not independent between August 15, 1947 and January 26, 1950 and it had not severed its connections with the British crown for the three year, these are some startling revelations in a new book War for Truth written by Mr Pankaj Phadnis.


The book takes a fresh look at the freedom struggle and compares the known details especially about transfer of power with new information recently declassified by the Public Record Office of United Kingdom.


It has unearthed new facts by resorting to Right to Information Act and Public Interest Litigations in the High Court and Supreme Court of India.


The author is not a professional historian but a Group Vice President working for a well-known business house.


Eminent lawyer and former Attorney-General Mr Fali Nariman launched the book at a public function.


Mr Nariman said that the book gave an insight into the past history, which was until now unknown.


Mr Nariman said that the author has sought rulings from the courts about ‘the very date of Indian Independence’. Such issues are beyond the judiciary and should be brought forth for public opinion, he said.


“The Government of India in its reply to my application under RTI act has accepted that the King of England continued to exercise sovereign powers over the country until it became a republic on January 26, 1950. Thus to claim that August 15, 1947 is Independence Day is false,” said Mr Phadnis.



The Hindu Business Line : Book claims British King ruled India till 1950

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Well, there is strong logic in what Mr. Phadnis. Let us not bring the courts into picture here. Let 'We, the people' discuss and debate it.

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This is again a case of "much ado about nothing".

To claim that India was not independent between 15 August 1947 and 26 Jan 1950,is simply preposterous and stretching the logic too far for cheap publicity to sell this book. And ,for launch of a book anybody can be called depending upon writer's money power and page 3 connections,and sometimes social or political obligations.

Those who are political science students ( used in broader sense) know the difference between independence and type of governance/constitution. WE THE PEOPLE OF INDIA solemnly resolved to constitute India into SOVEREIGN DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC on 26 Jan 1950 , having gained independence on 15 August 1947.


As per Phadnis's interpretations, Canada and Australia are still not independent states, because they still have Governor generals representing the Queen(tutelar head) as we had between 15 Aug 1947 and 26 Jan 1950.

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Thanks to Mr. OPSharma for having put the whole thing in proper perspective.

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