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Annual Report of the CIC for 2005-06


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CC has finally put its Annual Report on its website.




Main Report - 71 pages : http://cic.gov.in/AnnualReports/AR-200506/MainReport.pdf


Annexure 1 to 4 - 63 pages:



Annexure 5 to 7 - 8 pages:



I will try to put up the "salient" points which are relevant to applicants, appellants & complainants within a few days time.

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Kindly keep posted the the main points of the Annual report of CIC. Please also let me know whether information under RTI act can be sought from CIC about the position of the appeal if the CIC is not informing about the developements for more than 3 months of the filing of the appeal.


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I tried doing that but gave up because there are too many details there and I could not decide what is important and what is not (one mans food is another mans poison). I have a partially made draft on my other machine and will pm to to you.


CIC is a Public Authority as defined under the RTI Act 2005. It has a CPIO and a AA.

You can apply to them for information. Details can be had from:




In fact, to its great credit, CIC is one of the few PA's which have even put decisions of the AA on its website:


Central Information Commission - Decisions

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