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Harrasment of postpaid connection customer




I'm new 2 RTI . well ,my quest for an answer has brought me here.


Case: I have a post paid reliance mobile connection since the last two years. From inception, I have been harrased :( with my phone connection being barred , before the due date , for that months particular bill, even though all my payments are on schedule. I have approached the reliance web world many times and the explanation given is that I am exceeding my credit limit of Rs 500(a Rel limit) . And have been promised time and again that, it is their systems problem ,and it will be rectified the following month. But month after month it continues.


Q.1 What does postpaid connection mean as per TRAI ?


Q.2 As a customer do i have any right in this case ?


Q:3 Where & how to address my grieviences and make myself heard ?


I would be greatly obliged for any guidance in this matter.

thanking in advance.



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Hi and welcome to RTI.


As per the guidelines of TRAI the service provider can not disconnect/disrupt your phone services on the pretext of non payment till your credit limit is exhausted. Also it is must for every service provider to mention the credit limit on the phone bill. A notice to the effect that you are reaching your credit limit is to be given as and when you reach 80% of your credit limit thereby giving you enough time in making clear the dues.


As a consumer you have every right to be heard of and the appropriate place is to file a case under the Consumer Protection Act with the District Consumer Forum of the place you are living in.


The TRAI guidelines for mobile customers are given on their web site.


For any further assistance relating to consumer issues all are welcome to contact me any time.

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