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Kiran Bedi as CIC


Is the movement by Anna Hazare, Aamir Khan to bring Kiran Bedi as CIC justified?  

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  1. 1. Is the movement by Anna Hazare, Aamir Khan to bring Kiran Bedi as CIC justified?

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[i][b][color=dimgray]Kiran Bedi is the best choice at present.[/color][/b][/i]


Do we have any choice there ?


BTW Ms. Bedi was persona non grata in UPA I. Let's see if there's a change of heart in UPA II. :mad:

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Kiran Bedi is a Great choice no doubt. Justice Shri N Santosh Hegde, Karnataka Lokayukta may also be a good candidate. He has been nailing the beaurocracy and babus in karnataka from all sides, but has his punitive powers seriously curtailed. He is a man holding morals close to his heart.Ac CIC, he would be able to exercise powers to penalise as well.

My personal opinion for sure!


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dillip kumar mohapatra

For the post of CIC more than experience transparency is very vital.I think kiran bedi can give this for RTI meant.

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Government is on the look out for a new CIC. Some known people have written to PM in support of Kiran Bedi as CIC. I fully support this move. Kiran Bedi will be the best CIC. All those citizens who believe in right to information should support this move. India's aam admi has always been inspired by her, and has full faith in her ability to protect their right to information.

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I fully agree with JPS50 when he says "It is not only experience or knowledge but what counts is attitude. If attitude is pro-citizen and pro-democracy, every thing else will fall in line." I think someone like Anna Hazare fits the bill. Why not Anna Hazare himself? This suggestion is more so to avoid another ex-bureaucrat - not that I have special hatred for bureaucrats, but only to have a nice mix and balance to implement the Act in its true spirit.

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As the first women IPS in india,Kiran Bedi need not any support from cheap celebrities or social activits like Amir Khan or Anna Hazare.She is strong enough to get her goals by her own.This kind of activities are publicity stunts of so called hippocrate social workers to get attention of media.

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Do The Right Thing

Editorial in the Times of India


Problems with RTI run deeper than appointment of CIC



It has been four years since the Right to Information (RTI) Act came into force, ushering in a new era of transparency and accountability, or so it was hoped. While RTI might not have been the unqualified success many expected it to be, it is an important tool that civil society can use to keep the government honest. That’s why we are watching the debate raging over the appointment of the next chief information commissioner (CIC) with some apprehension.


Civil society groups have every right to suggest a name for a post as important as that of the CIC. RTI is an instrument that gives citizens some measure of control over information, and it is understandable that civil society would be wary that excessive intervention from the bureaucracy would blunt the Act’s powers. But by asking that decorated police officer Kiran Bedi be appointed to the top post and demanding that the merits of a different choice be explained to them, information rights activists have polarised the debate to the point of blackmail.


Lobbies are a fact of life in a democracy, but the kind of pressure tactics that those lobbying on behalf of Bedi have employed are likely to put the government on the defensive. In entering into a confrontation with the government over the post of CIC, the activists have failed to take into account that it is not only they who have a stake in RTI and its functioning. The state is also a stakeholder, and as with all disagreements where many actors are involved, all views must be taken on board and a consensus evolved.



Since its inception, RTI has met with mixed success. The results of a recent study into the conduct of information commissioners across the country indicate that only 27 per cent of RTI applicants receive the information they asked for, while a significant chunk of the population remains unaware of how to file an application for information. Another potential problem is that only two of every 100 RTI Act violations are penalised. Even when information commissioners direct officers to release information, a majority – as much as 61per cent – ignore the order. With so many questions over the implementation of the Act, it is important that the debate over RTI is not restricted to the appointment of the CIC. Information rights activists should work towards strengthening RTI by beginning a discussion on how best to expand its scope.




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I expected this poll would have more 'Yes' votes than 'No'. But as of now it seems equally poised.

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Today a news item appeared in Punjab Kesari in which one of the celebrity of bollywood has requested the PM and President of India to appoint Ms. Kiran Bedi(Retd.), IPS as Chief Information Commissioner (CIC) and we should appreciate that if appointed, she will do remarkable progress in successfully implementation of RTI Act in India. If agree, recommend the same to your near and dear ones.



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advocate rajesh

every person having honest integrity , national character and who want to bring a change can do this job. Kiran Bedi is the right person.

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Pradip Shah

Upa does not care for public opinion. For important post some `yes man/woman` is appointed. Kiran bedi is not `yes woman`

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The job of the CIC is not simple and easy. He or she has a big balancing act to do. The fact that non of the Info commissioners at the CIC were scoring well with the public image clearly shows how difficult a job it is to uplift the noble RTI Act meant to serve the public. Whether Ms Bedi can be one who can give fillip to this act is to be watched even though many support her in this new role.

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