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I have not recived my passport



dear members

i have not recived my passport after one and half year or application. now i want to appeal through my rti

please tell me d procedure

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It is not clear from which Office did you apply for the Passport!


Also did you happen to send your grievance here: About Us

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i applied in lucknow office

i think i dont have to give u any more details.buti need some guidence

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Mr Kushal has already provided sufficient links in his reply to proceed further in the matter.

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    • vandanaarora2k
      By vandanaarora2k
      Despite easier rules to obtain a passport, my case has been(and is) a nightmarish one.
      Two previous applications to the Bareilly Passport Office(one in 2000, the other in 2003), yielded no passports, because I was studying in Delhi, and address verification at my Dehra Dun home couldn't get done(although I did reach home both times to do the needful - read going to the SHO in Doon valley, meeting travel agents of various kinds, etc.)
      Now I need a tatkal passport as I need to travel from office to Canada.
      Several trips to the Delhi RPO yield nothing but tears(on my end, that is).
      The problem, you might ask - the Delhi RPO wants a letter / fax from the Bareilly office, saying they have closed the applications.
      Sounds easy, doesn't it?
      But it is anything but that, believe me.
      The Bareilly people say they have destroyed all documents. And won't give me this in writing.
      To my question as to whether I can apply afresh, without mentioning my previous applications, they have this to say,"do saal ka imprisonment hain, madam. Dekh lijiye."
      Do any of you have any idea what can be done in this case?
      Should I consult a legal expert? any suggestions who?
      The RTI link on the passport site is under construction.
      Pretty convenient, isn't it?
      I need some answers here.
      Do help.
    • PBhan
      By PBhan
      Hello all,
      My mother applied to passport twice, she is a Kashmiri migrant living in Delhi, first time she applied , it got rejected, because she was not at that time present at her rented apartment in delhi and the landlord said to the inspector that they actually are from kashmir. But from past 15 years once been kicked out from her home, she has been living in jammu and now in delhi in different rented facility. Now she applied again and still it is now Feb. and she applied last Oct. , she is still waiting
      Also she is not educated so no written records.
      My mothers passport no. is 9005128606
      file no. Z051286
      Kindly help us.
      Best Regards
      Payal Bhan
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