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RTI application seeks info regarding DGP Madhya Pradesh in his Son NRI Quota

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On the follow up, the Indore bench of High court on Monday issued orders to quash the FIR registered by the Economic Offence Wing.

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The issue was quite technical it was o decide if FIR under article 156 should be there or investigation should be there in article 202. Nothing changes really. Infact EOW coonfirmed everything gathered under RTI act. Corruption forgery even hawala as per the affidavid filed in High Court by EOW.


SO THE SUCCESS IS as bright as ever

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let me tell you that in this case it was ... a a bunch of very high ranking IPS officials involved.....

the court had given orders to lodge a 202 , which is a private complaint and not a 156(3) , which requires an FIR ....

the FIR was quashed in october 06, the complaint has already been dismissed on the 22jan 2007 by the honourable court.....


there are a number of current matters lying with the EOW under 156(3) for years and no action (FIR ) has been taken against them....!!!

there was never a case lodged in this matter after quashing of the FIR by the high court.....but the hype which was purpously created for ....everyone knows what

whatever happened to accountability .....


case has already been dismissed...!!!

there was no blood relation ship criteria for admission under NRI-sponsered quota and nor was there ant Hawala defined in june 2001 when the admission took place...!!!!

all money was paid thru bank drafts....and income tax paid for....all evidance has been presented to the court!!!



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Clean chit to Swaraj Puri

The Madhya Pradesh High Court has dismissed the case pertaining to former Director General of Police(DGP)with Madhya Pradesh Government Swaraj Puri.He was facing a law suit for allegedly giving false information to get his son admitted in an Engineering college. However,Indore bench of MP High Court has dismissed the suit againt 1969 batch IPS officer Puri who retired as DG Home Guards on August 31,2007.The verdict was pronounced by Honorable Justice Shri. W.A.Shah.

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Abhinav Bohare

I would like to add that there was some internal cold enmity, as some people in the circles opine was the cause of the entire episode ...Some officer also wanted to shadow the said officer....


This may be incorrect but , there were these true speculations around

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Debashis Basu

Dear Kushal


Read your comments


I can well imagine the fury of young officer from such false accusations who has been harassed because he or mone can choose his parents !!!!!! When we will learn to keep away our professional / personal rivalry away from our next generation !!!!!!




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Dr Kushal Pathak and others


Pls hold back until you read the judgement order, I have not yet read the same but what I heard was there a relative if defined as someone with one you are emotionally linked and therefore a NRI business man can be called the maternal grandfather and he can pay the fees on behalf of a senior IPs officer!!!!! This speaks very low of things around if we still feel it is a conspiracy, I believe it is corruption reeking from some other source


If people in lure of post retirement benefit can go to such abysmal levels we have no option but to carry out life with the expression of Sachin Tendulkar when he was declared out last evening against England in last match


But fortunately all of for us there is a Supreme Court whenrean appeal can be filed and is being filed


Let us separate corruption from rivalry, may be rivalry would lead to expose' on corruption that does not wipe out blatant corruption but exposing corruption is NOT a conspiracy


Aspiring IPS please be understan, Truth is exposed because of rivalry if you are honest everyone respects you and you need to fear nothing

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As RTI Activists, the follow ups after obtaining the information should not bother us much though we stand deprived of the fruit of RTI by dismal follow-up.. The RTI has done its job and showed its power. Even known hard-core criminals engaged in anti-national activities are let off on various grounds by judiciary. We cannot help it. But RTI has succeded in expossing the true facts. Good enough ! Was this possible before 12 October 2005 ?

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