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teachers woking in Tamilnadu Govenrment Primary Schools, Middle Schools, HighSchool/Higher Secondary Schools

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> I have used the RTI Act and collected the information about

> - the number of teachers woking in Tamilnadu Govenrment > Primary Schools, Middle Schools, HighSchool/Higher Secondary Schools

> - the number of them sending their children to private > schools (particularly Matriculation schools in English medium)

> - and the number of teachers sending their children to > government schools.


> The figures indicate a dismal picture. In Tamilnadu the government > is paying the school teachers the best salaries and upgraded it to > the level as recommended by the Sixth Pay Commission. Normally a > primary class teacher with five years experience will be drawing > nearly Rs. 12000 as monthly salary in Tamilnadu.


> In spite the best pay package offered to them they shun their own > schools and send their children to private convents means the > government teachers who work in those schools and get paid do not > have faith in the standard maintained in teaching in their schools.


> In Tamil Nadu, SSA has introduced a system called ABL (Activity > Based Learning) a concept adapted with the consultations of the best > educators in the country and visiting schools like Rishi Valley > (the school which is run on based on the teachings of > J.Krishnamurthy, the philosopher). The entire atmosphere of primary > schools are changed these days but hardly 6 to 7% of the government > teachers send their children to these schools - corporation schools > in Metros, municipal schools in large towns, panchayat primary > schools in villages.


> The collected data was forwarded to the authorities of education > department and today I have participated in a discussion about this > in a television channel.


> The main reason for craze for private schools is due to the teaching > in English and the capability of making the students to converse (at > least to some percentage) in English.


> So the above is my activity nowadays.


> Sincerely


> T.K.Chandrasekaran




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Why blame government teachers alone? How about the other government officials and ministers who are all responsible for providing good education? But on an another plane one can always argue that it is the individual's prerogative as to which school one should send one's ward. No one can compel anyone to do otherwise. Moreover a teacher keeping his/her own ward to study in the same school may bring many unintended disadvantages and partiality to the child. It may even affect the child's wholesome growth, depending upon the atmosphere of the school and the relationship among teachers.

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I need number of primary schools and primary school teachers in tamilnadu.


There was a thread dated 16-01-2010 from Mr.T.K Chandrasekar, informing that he had already collected this information.


Is it possible to share this information

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Two threads merged


This was posted using RTI Shoutbox.

There is very little chance that Mr Chandrasekaran will read you request.

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