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In India- Under RTIA-2005, Many a times Informations are not shared / provided by taking shelter under the Section 8- Exemption, Why? Any remedies ?

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Dear Friends,


Sub: In India- Under RTIA-2005, Many a times Informations are not shared / provided by taking shelter under the Section 8- Exemption Clauses, Why? Any remedies possible.


I wish to inform you that, I have personally observed in the past & at present that almost large number of Public Information Officers at State as well as Central- up to 2nd Appellate level, do not wish to share / provide information, invariably & unjustly taking shelters under the Exemption Clause 8 of The RTIA-2005, even if its in the larger Public & Country's Interest.


Even cogent reasons are not given, but a mechanical answer ready to fit & supply on the 11th hour to cover up the RTIA requirements & time stipulations.


Why ? : I believe, because giving out such information can lead to litany at courts & there is always a fear of conflict of their agendas, within their own departmental interest.


Any Remedies Possible ? I believe, its useless to file such multiple applications at so many levels & incur expenses , time & energy, knowing well that all over, no body has national interest & the root cause of the issues for which RTIA-2005, has been set out will never see the light of the day, which in turn hampers our Country growth & Image, to some extent.


Please go through the above & share your thoughts, so that effective steps can be taken collectively to make better use of RTIA & that of the people seeking information under this act in its infancy, nothing more.


Uday Prabhu.

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You are not expected to get disappointed so soon, at the initial stage itself. Such a reply is called malafide denial. Go for the First Appeal. Request for your presence during the hearing of first appeal. Ask them to justify as to how it is exempted. The PIO has to justify his denial. It is not at all expensive for a first appeal. The AA is likely to be near your home. Argue the case yourself. In case you need any clarification there are learned people friendly Activists available in this forum to render you all possible assistance. Please cheer up.

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