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Defence ministry to inquire into delay in replying to RTI plea

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Defence ministry to inquire into delay in replying to RTI plea


Bureau Report in Zee News 16 June 2008


New Delhi, June 15: The central information commission has asked the Defence Ministry to inquire into the delay in replying to an RTI application of an army officer seeking details relating to his pending allowance.

"We are not satisfied with the explanation sought to be given for the delay of 41 days in responding to the RTI application. The officer responsible in ministry of defence is directed to inquire into reasons for this delay," Chief Information Commissioner Wajahat Habibullah said.


The commission's direction came in its decision on an appeal of Lt colonel (Rtd) Narendra Behl, who, in his Rti plea, sought to know from army headquarters the reasons for denial of allowance to him after his retirement in July, 2004.


"A response to the appeal (BEHL'S) could have been straightforward, the public authority has complicated the issue by transferring it from one office to another," Habibullah noted.


To Lt Col Behl's plea of July, 2006, a response was forwarded to him in September, 2006 -- about 41 days -- after it became due under the statutory provisions of the RTI act.


During a hearing on the appeal filed by BEHL after being dissatisfied with the response from the ministry, the apex transparency panel said that it would have been appropriate, had the replies to him were specific and point wise.


Noting that the response to the applicant was not in a satisfactory manner, Habibullah directed the ministry to identify the officers responsible for delay and submit a report with the CIC after seeking their replies on it.





Zee News - Defence ministry RTI plea

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The Great

NCC is also a part of Defence. In my case there was a delay of 58 days. Only, after I made my Appeal, the PIO wake up and answered.

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60 year lethargy and indifference cannot be cured in 2.5 years of RTI. We have to keep on pushing through use of RTI and over a period of time, system and mind frame will change to be citizen-centric.

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nk agarwal

I agree, each single rain drop accumulate to form a stream and many streams form ocean. But this magic is continuing since the birth of mother earth, how much tme the mind set would take to change with RTI Act-2005?

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