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unauthorized construction of 4th floor in DDA SFS flats



dear sir there is lot of unauthorized construction of 4th floor is going on in DDA SFS flats which has result in various threats like.


1. voilation of high court order which allow only A barsati on the roof terrace of the top floor in addition to mumty is allowed

2. Blocking the use of terrace by ground and 1st floor owners.

3. high scale corruption to construct such floors lot of bribe is paid to MCD ,DDA and POLICE officers .

4. Damaging the safety of structure . which was constructed to acumudate ground ,1st and 2nd floor.


All the addition/alteration(s) and additional coverage will be governed by 5 basic principals:

1). There is no encroachment on the public land.

2). Structural stability of the building is ensured.

3). Light and ventilation of the habitable rooms is ensured as per the building byelaws.

4). There is no infringement of other's rights.

5). The service elements such as manhole, rainwater fittings, sanitary fittings etc. are not disturbed and remain exposed for periodical inspection and maintenance.


none of these above principals apply to 4th floor construction




1. Roof terraces are common spaces as defined by the MoUD to the parliament when the issue was raised during the Delhi Apartment Owners Bill

2. The DDA handbook allows for addition / alteration for increase in COVERED area, but the process of usurping the space on the roof terraces is an INCREASE IN THE PLINTH AREA of the top floor allottee. THE PLINTH AREA (as recorded in the title/sale/lease/registry deed as thats what one has paid for.) CANNOT BE INCREASED.


none of department like DDA ,MCD AND POLICE are doing there duties to stop such construction.

nor media or press is doing there part to publish such story

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Sunil Ahya

Dear Rohit,


Welcome to RTI India - Complete Online Community Portal for Right to Information


Why don't you use Right to Information Act, 2005 to change the way your are governed.


Please go through the following Success Stories of RTI Act:


1) http://www.rtiindia.org/forum/9217-whether-right-information-really-effects-mcd-officials.html


2) http://www.rtiindia.org/forum/11087-can-unhealthy-unsanitary-condition-used-life-liberty-matter.html


3) http://www.rtiindia.org/forum/36688-amazing-speed-right-information-works.html


and many many more at Right to Information - RTI Success Stories at rtiindia.org


Please go through the various links on the home page of this forum RTI India - Complete Online Community Portal for Right to Information to learn more about RTI.

Enjoy your stay here.

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It is amazing.on the fourth floor when already light provision is provided with the connectivity through third floor and maintenance of terrace is done including up keep and safety then why do persons befooled living on first floor or the second floor.people on first floor get the advantage of lesser stairs where as people on top floor have to take much pain even in older age including up keep of terrace while already lightning connection given from third floor .only ist floor or the second floor persons are supposed to check their water tank if needed to get it repaired.


If i am wrong kindly comment


anil kaila

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Third floor persons owing the flats where by stairs given goes upto terrace and light ptovision is given from third floor flat then how can 2nd floor wala or the first floor wala have the right.


It is only to check the water tank or to get it repaired.third floor allottee can put a barsati as have read.


In some cases where stairs are not available after third floor but dda alottees living on third floor like aashirwaad appartment at a2,paschim vihar lig flats have built their stairs leading to 4 th floor which is against law.how come people can take out stairs from the third floor.

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This portal is only meant for discussing issues related to the RTI Act 2005.

Kindly restrict your comments on the portal to the RTI Act, otherwise the discussion will tend to slowly drift away from the principal focus of the portal.

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